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Search Engine Optimization vs Pay-Per-Click – the difference between two old friends

The search engine marketing world is a battlefield that is highly contested between SEO or search engine optimization and PPC or pay-per-click advertising. It was expected that search spending would rise 27 percent in 2012 to more than $19.5 billion dollars. In addition, it was predicted that spending will increase by at least an added $10 billion by 2016. This is an indication that online advertising expenditures will continue its growth trend, in spite of the slower pace projected in the years that will lead up to 2016. So, what impact does that have on …

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What are the HTTP Status Codes?

The HTTP Status codes are defined as 3-digit numbers that are returned by the servers. These codes are used to indicate the condition of the web element. The first digit of the 3-digit combination code always begins with any of the number from 1 to 5. When it comes to the 100s to the 500s, the status codes can be classified into several categories. These categories include the following: • 100s — Informational — This means that the request has already been received and the process is still on going • 200s — Success — …

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The Importance Of On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

on-site SEO

If you own an Internet marketing business or you promote your company online you must understand the importance of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This Internet marketing technique involves optimizing your website to communicate effectively with the search engines for better result rankings. When consumers are actively searching for products and services you offer they will use search engines to research products and reputable companies. Studies show that most consumers will pick sites that are ranked in the top three spots of the engine’s results page. Experts in Internet marketing have been debating …

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SEO And Search Engines: The War, So Far… part2

SEO part 2

In September of 1998, without herald, an infant named Alpha Google was born. Google quickly set a course of speedy, steady growth. In 1998, search engines did not seem threatened by Google. The older search engines were finding their way to a more secure footing with a « tenure system » of sorts; a respect for the age of a website entered the algorithm, along with an acknowledgement of its popularity. Search engines, tired of being sent back to the drawing board by search engine optimisation, implemented a strategy to ignore websites offering SEO, or even mentioning …

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