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New features to Google Adwords: what to expect

new logo Google Adwords

Now it is out in the open what Google had been working on with their AdWords platform. Many were in a grip of panic that Google was to take away some of the more useful features, but as it appears now, nothing of the sort is going to happen. According to recent industry reports, they have added a whole host of new features while taking away nothing! New Google AdWords features: A short overview Sophisticated reporting & management features This is possibly the most exciting update to the platform that Google is going to introduce. …

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Google shopping – Découvrez les nouvelles fonctions de Google Adwords

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Les actuelles campagnes PLA (« Product Listing Ads ») sont maintenant remplacées par les campagnes Google Shopping. Présentation et mode d’emploi. Les campagnes Google Shopping permettent d’afficher des visuels de produits dans les résultats de recherche. Ce système est le seul qui permet d’afficher les produits accompagnés de leurs prix lors de la recherche. Les précédentes campagnes Adwords PLA obligeaient à interdire des affichages sur certaines typologies de produits pour subdiviser et même à créer différents groupes d’annonces. Un système donc peu commode. Désormais on a affaire à un format plus pratique, plus fluide, et …

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How to clean up your PPC accounts for 2014

PPC strategy

In your endeavor to attract and direct traffic to your website last year, you must have tried out many strategies in your PPC campaign. As a new year begins, it is important to retire older, linger strategies, which may have an adverse effect on the long term effectiveness and performance of your search engine account. This is the perfect time to review, clean up, and synchronize your campaigns in order to remove stress and clutter, and to keep your accounts in perfect working order. In the first moving world of PPC, many alterations are necessary …

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Search Engine Optimization vs Pay-Per-Click – the difference between two old friends

The search engine marketing world is a battlefield that is highly contested between SEO or search engine optimization and PPC or pay-per-click advertising. It was expected that search spending would rise 27 percent in 2012 to more than $19.5 billion dollars. In addition, it was predicted that spending will increase by at least an added $10 billion by 2016. This is an indication that online advertising expenditures will continue its growth trend, in spite of the slower pace projected in the years that will lead up to 2016. So, what impact does that have on …

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