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How link earning and link building differ

Link earning - Matt Cutts quote

You have to take action in order to build links, while links that are earned occur without any concerted effort to acquire them. Content is the perfect example. You create new content which requires an investment of your valuable time, manpower and resources. The high-quality content that you have labored over is ready to be revealed to the world. So what is the next thing that you should do? Well, with all content, there are a number of natural promotion efforts that should always follow your posts: 1. Use social media to promote your new …

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Link Building Tactics

The 80-20 rule is a way to focus on the tasks that get the most results while requiring the least amount of effort. That is the Pareto Principle and I have been practicing it since the beginning of the year. The rule applies to link building as well as other online endeavors and marketing overall. Dan Shure explained this very well recently in a blog post. It involves allocating most of your time to put processes into effect that will maximize your efforts to realize the best results possible. Following is Dan’s advice to people …

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Top 7 Legal Ways To Get Links To Your Website

We know that Google loves links coming in and going out from any website. It just automatically lends credibility and stature to the website landing up high up on the Google result pages. Unfortunately, shady web marketers have cottoned on to this fact as well. To increase the amount of links that they can get, website owners and marketers use paid link systems for linkbuilding that will increase the amount of incoming links to their sites. However, Google does not like paid links as they are unethical way of improving the standing of the website. …

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Scalable Link Building In 2012

There have been many new innovations and changes to link building since the beginning of the year. There are finer values given to social signals, differences in search results, especially with Search plus your World along with endless versions of Panda update, the inevitable end of link networks, and improvements to Google through interpretation of anchor texts to determine its relevance. Many of these alterations show that everyone has to adapt and change along with how we brand, market and create our websites. They must become more clear through link building. Today, ethical link acquisition …

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