Social Media Content – Creating a basic framework for

Use semi-annual meetings to establish a framework for keeping your social media marketing endeavors flowing smooth and steady.

For quite some time now, many community managers and bloggers have recognized that advance planning for content with a calendar can guide what would otherwise be an ad-hoc flailing around.

For many, this can be as easy as planning a few blog posts early on, while for other people, this can entail as much as a full year of advance planning.

This calendar, however, will only serve as a basic guide and it will provide ample room for any additional content that might prove necessary in the meantime.

To create content that is relevant and that pans the incidental details and the special days, you will have to move beyond the content calendar and design and implement an all-inclusive content planner. Following is a basic framework for establishing a plan that you can alter and streamline for your brand.

All organizations are unique. Some of these may not have community managers that work directly with the people who are responsible for creating blogs while in other companies, community managers and blog writers can actually be the same team. Ideally, if your organization has a complex makeup, everyone will be present when planning occurs.

Yearly Planning
Scarlet Days – Write out all of the special days for the year. Although this is a yearly calender, it is important to schedule a meeting for planning once every six months. This will ensure that you do not under-plan for blog content that has to be created at the start of the plan’s time frame.

You will of course be considering all of the seasons, major holidays and other life events that happen at specific times of the year (such as weddings and back to school). You should additionally consider any of the special events that you want your brand to be associated with.

This is a great time to think about any endeavors in creating « deep content ». A lot of brands have discovered that instead of having hundreds of blog posts that require a minimal amount of effort, they are able to get better returns on blogs that are focused on deeper subjects. It is a good idea to think about having two or three of these pieces annually.

Whether it’s a major event or an amazing graphic or a piece of content that is multi-faceted, you should make sure to plan it out in advance. This can be done with a creative brief that details the nature of the content, the intended readers, the purpose and the scope. Content of this type will usually require its own project plan that spans from start to finish.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly
In addition to having content project plans for major events and larger pieces, you should also have planning sessions for the content that will be posted each new month. Make sure to always think ahead to the following month when doing this, so that the first content of the month isn’t getting a short shrift.

These are meetings that have long been held by magazine editors given that these professionals plan each next issue ahead of time. Editors will usually talk about the idea of how well certain magazine content is likely to play out in social media. These discussions are known to have an impact on how topics wind up being framed.

Daily and weekly meetings concerning content can be scrum-style gatherings where all parties, while remaining standing, have the opportunity to quickly discuss the coming day or week and whether any specific content requirements should be addressed.

The notion of holding a meeting with people standing is from the world of software development where it was discovered that when people remained standing they were much less likely to waste time and thus, this ensures that the meeting is purpose-driven.

Dailies can be brief chats that last for 10 minutes or less – « Do we have anything notable that we should consider? »

Additionally, look forward to the content that is needed for the next month or week. Find out whether you have a chance to tease new content or use narrative storytelling. If these opportunities are identified, determine how your current content can assist in creating that narrative.

Improved Flow
Establishing a content planning framework for social media marketing can be just as helpful to individual content creators as it is to entire teams.

Another benefit of planning content in advance for social teams is that different individuals are able to fill specific roles at different times.

Creating a social media content basic framework
Article Name
Creating a social media content basic framework
Learn how to manage your social média content easy with a basic framework. Ease your social media content planification in few steps.

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  1. Hey man,

    Yearly planning?! That’s insane but hey, great idea. I have yet to try (honestly) but certainly might give it a short.

    I do have monthly and daily ones but no way for a year. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Reginald, first thank you for your comment! I agree yearly planning sound crazy but it’s mostly for red letter days or for specific topic that you and your team really want to talk about in a special time frame!

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