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6 Free Tools For Social Media Management

With several social media profiles to manage, you’ve probably discovered that it is impossible to be on each one of these all of the time. This is why some of the top software developers have created a number of helpful tools for managing social media. You can place these tools on a dashboard for your social media profiles so that you can monitor, collaborate and schedule with ease and from a single location.

I’m guessing that you have put a few of these handy tools to use already. HootSuite, Buffer, and Bitly are several of the most innovative and powerful social media management tools available.

Unfortunately, however, it costs money to use these tools. If you’re working with a very nominal budget, this extra spending may not be feasible.

There is also the fact that some of these tools do not have the ability to help you in content creation, determining when the activity levels of your readership are at their highest, tracking the number of visitors that convert or identifying trending keywords.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of free tools for social media management that are capable of dramatically enhancing your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Following are six completely free tools for social media management, social media monitoring and content development – in no special order.

IFTTT is best able to describe what they’re all about.

According to IFTTT, they are a service that allow users to build powerful connections based upon the « if this, then that » idea.

Through IFTTT, you can create « recipes » that are highly personalized and that use a trigger (this trigger is the « this » portion of the process). For instance, getting a Facebook photo tagged. « That » in this instance is the action that follows. Thus, after having a photo tagged on Facebook, the personalized recipe would call for the generation of a status message. Given that IFTTT is functional with more than 130 channels including, Best Buy, eBay and numerous social networking sites, it is easy for users to remain connected both in virtual space and offline.

This tool is unique and it has received high praises from Wired, Time, The New York Time and Forbes.

2. SumALL
sumAll - FAQ
SumAll is different from other paid and free tools for social media management in that it is created specifically for meeting the needs of those who own small businesses. How is this possible? Not only does it give you the ability to monitor and measure major sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but it additionally connects you with a variety of other services such as PayPal and Google Analytics. Over all, SumAll is a plan that will get you connected with up to 42 services at no cost.

Rather than having to manage numerous accounts, you can simply stay current with all of the most vital platforms from one single location. All daily updates can be sent to your email account.

3. Qzzr
Are you searching for an innovative and easy way to produce content that can be shared on social networking sites in order to drive qualified traffic to your pages? Try Qzzr. This is a subject that was covered earlier in the year by Social Media Explorer, saying that quizzes supply important info about your website and give you the chance to get connected with your targeted market.

You can use Qzzr to generate a variety of quizzes for you social media profiles. A quiz that is similar to BuzzFeed can be created or you can produce one that will give you a real grade. Additionally, there are a number of subjects that you can pick and this means that it will be easy to locate a topic that fits your niche.

4. Social Mention
Social mention SEARCH
Social Mention is the easiest of all of the paid and free tools for social media management out there. It is quite a bit like Google Alerts, but it only monitors Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and about 80 other social media properties like these. There is a third-party API and the option to receive email alerts on a daily basis.

One of the most interesting things about Social mention is that there are 4 metrics that are used to calculate this tool. Among these are:

Brand Strength – The likelihood that your brand will be talked about on social networking platforms.
Sentiment – How positive mentions stack up to negative ones.
Passion – How likely it is that people will keep talking about your brand.
Reach – The measurement of brand influence which is calculated by dividing the number of unique posters who have discussed your brand by the number of mentions that the brand has received.

5. Rapportive
Rapportive Gmail linkedIn
Of all the social media management tools that I’ve found, Rapportive is likely the most interesting. Basically, it enables users to view their social networking profiles in Gmail. Although this is basically used for LinkedIn management, you can access the job title, location and images. It is also possible to view the most recent Facebook statuses and tweets.

You can use this tool to start expanding your networking by scouting the web for consumers that have similar careers and interests, without having to manually perform a web search. This is an email add-on that works with Brightpearl, Bookingbug, BatchBook, Bantam Live, MailChimp and CrunchBase.

6. Addict-o-matic
addictomatic social media tool
Addictomatic is one of the most straightforward, free tools for social media monitoring and management that can be used to track the influence and reputation of your brand. Ultimately, it is a discovery platform that searches YouTube, Bing, Google, Twitter, Flickr and WordPress in order to find the most current videos, blog posts, images and news for specific keywords and key phrases.

Give that you can customize Addictomatic, it is very easy to become addicted to this resources. Although it might not seem different from Google, the search results are broken into headers by Addictomatic, rather than lumped together as one.

Because Addictomatic is customizable, it’s quit easy to get addicted to this tool. While you may think that this isn’t all that different than Google, Addictomatic breaks the search results into headers, as opposed to being lumped all together.

Which tools are your favorite for managing, monitoring and enhancing your overall experience with social media?

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