What is an RSS Feed and Why is it Important?

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Many first time webmasters do not understand the importance of the RSS feed. While the RSS button is present on most blogs, it is often not used to its full potential. With a good RSS feeder, such as Feedburner, a webmaster can gain a large number of visitors to his or her website or blog.

RSS stands for really simple syndication. It allows one to get continual updates on a site without having to check the site to see if it has been updated or subscribing to the site and getting emails. With RSS Feed, one can sign up to multiple sites of his or her choosing and get notified when a site publishes new content. This makes it easy for people to follow a site. RSS feeds entice subscribers to visit the site to see what the new post is about.

An RSS feeder publishes the feed. There are many feeder sites but one of the most well known ones is Feedburner, which was recently acquired by Google and is now Google Feedburner. It is not hard to sign up to Feedburner; all a person has to do is create a free Google account, go to and follow the promptings on the page.

There are five aspects to Feedburner. These are optimize, analyze, troubleshootize, publicize and monetize. Feedburner enables a webmaster to get to know his or her readers better. One will be able to see where his or her readers are coming from and what type of feed reader they are using. Feedburner makes it easy for one to keep his or her social network sites updated and pushes feeds to search engines. Feedburner also has an icon that can be installed on one’s blog; this enables others to see how many RSS subscribers the blog has and can enhance the blog’s credibility.

RSS feed is an integral part of search engine optimization. Without a good RSS feeder, a site will not gain as many visits as it could or should. Feedburner makes a world of difference to a blog or website. Setting it up is easy and does not cost a cent. With Feedburner, a blog will become more visible to both search engines and the general public. Feedburner will also save a webmaster a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent updating social network sites. All in all, using RSS feeds and Feedburner is well worth it.

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