What Every Webmaster Should Know About Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimizationA website must have good search engine optimization or it will get lost in the morass of the millions of websites and blogs online. Some aspects of SEO are quite simple while others are complex and hard to comprehend. Many businesses that depend on internet traffic for their income turn to SEO agencies to handle the optimization of the website. However, there are many aspects of SEO that can be handled on an individual level, without needing to hire a professional.

There are two main types of SEO. These are on page SEO and off page SEO. Both types are important. However, a webmaster should always start with on page SEO before working on off page SEO strategies.

There are numerous on page factors that affect a site’s ratings in search engines. One such on page factor is keyword density. « Keyword density » means how often the keyword is found in the page. A website selling children’s shoes, for instance, should have the words « Children’s shoes » in various spots on the website. On the other hand, having the keywords placed in an article or website too many times is counterproductive. A good rule of thumb is to write for humans first, search engines second.

Two other aspects of on onsite SEO are the title Tag and Meta description. When building a website, one will have the opportunity to choose the title tag for the site, along with writing out a Meta description. The title tag should contain the main keyword the site is meant to be known for. It should be short and to the point. The Meta description is not used by all search engines but it is used by quite a few, so it should also be given careful thought. Consider what keywords the site should be known for. However, do not add Meta keywords that do not appear on the page. This is in fact counterproductive and it will lower the search engine ratings for one’s site.

Keyword prominence and keyword prroximity are two other aspects of on site optimization. The main keyword should be prominent on the website. It should not only be in the title tag but also in various other spots of the site, where it can be clearly seen. Keyword proximity is also important. Main keywords should be located as closely together as possible.

Another important aspect of on site optimization is having keywords in alt tags. While search engines do not read photos, they do read the alt tags placed in the photos. Do not create spammy tags by overstuffing them with keywords, but do take the time to place at least one important keyword in every single alt tag.

Taking the time to learn about search engine optimization is worth it. A site that has been properly optimised for search engines will gain much more traffic than a site that has not been properly optimised. While SEO is not a substitute for having high quality content, it is an important aspect of building a profitable website with a high level of traffic.

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