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Many have heard of the method of acquiring for your site unique content, which is known as content curation. Fresh content, particularly when it is written with authority, can be a great lift for your website. Also important is traffic curation, only however when it brings readers that you convert to customers. The following methods, when executed properly, can truly achieve terrific results.

Twitter is most likely the foremost social media site attracting traffic to your site. There are some that may disagree, but on a regular basis it usually outperforms the others.

To attract traffic to your site, you truly need to have a Twitter account. In addition, you need a loyal and strong following, which includes people who will see your tweet, exchange it with others, and head directly to your site.

Consistent practice is so important as there is little room for error with only 140 or fewer characters. You will need to grasp the use of hashtag selection, and put solid efforts into short messages with a great amount of pop. Put a URL shortener to use, and understand that a photo used with care can and will bring more people to your tweet.

Facebook, with twice the traffic amount of Twitter, should in fact for your website be a larger generator of traffic. For yours it might be true, but the benefit of it might also fall a bit short.

Working with contributors to your site for article placement is the most positive way of having Facebook benefit you. To avoid any problems, « no follow » links will need to be added, but it is traffic anyway that you want. You should work with an individual that enjoys a large following on Facebook, and have them post to your article a link from their Facebook page.
Carefully monitor the web traffic, and Facebook may for the first few days provide the most hits.

Websites making wide use of photos should be making use of Pinterest to share those pictures. Caution should be used here: many users scrape pictures, meaning you will
not want to submit anything that you would want to be stolen and put to use elsewhere.

You will want to add to your SEO widget, Pinterest, when sharing photos. You’ll be taken directly to Pinterest immediately when you click the widget where you can then load to your account your photos. Set these in the correct categories carefully, and then fill out the captions. A link is generated automatically by Pinterest which directly takes people to the web page which features those photos.

You aren’t trying to drive traffic to your site using article submission sites, are you? This option is no longer a positive one because it will be primarily junk traffic you will be receiving. Yes, you might get referrals, however those links of poor quality will not bring customers to you.

Writing your best quality work and submitting it to those websites with large traffic followings will serve you much better. These include, and any other sites in your niche which are top quality and find out their contribution requirements. Contact the editor directly, if no requirement is published.

In most instances, for your accepted article you will receive a lot of traffic. You will not be compensated by most sites, however, the time invested will be offset greatly by the traffic benefit.

Traffic Curation
Driving traffic to your site requires a variety of different methods and does take time. Along with traditional SEO, your site’s visibility can be raised and through increased traffic benefited, converted customers and advertising revenue vastly improved.

Traffic curation - Learn SEO advice to do traffic curation
Article Name
Traffic curation - Learn SEO advice to do traffic curation
Traffic curation with the following methods, when executed properly, can truly achieve terrific results. SEO advice on traffic curation. Learn the secret.

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      Hi Luke,
      When I first discovered, I was amazed at the sheer amount of traffic it bought to my blog in only a couple of days. I’m a huge fan of the site as well as (a site similar to
      I also do my own type of content curation by doing weekly link roundups over on my blog. I compile a list of the most valuable and interesting content I’ve come across for the week and share them with my audience. This has proven to be a great help in creating my content because I can diversify my content and what my readers receive while at the same time leveraging others content and building traffic and relationships in one fell swoop. Thanks for sharing your insights on content curation.

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