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Knowing What’s The Difference Between Blackhat SEO And Whitehat SEO

Making sure a website is visible and accessible to potential viewers is increasingly important. The use of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most prevalent tools of the trade. Search engines have guidelines as to what methods should be used in order optimize a website. Good practices are referred to as whitehat SEO. However, there are some more shady methods out there, often referred to as blackhat SEO. Knowing what’s the difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO can make a huge difference in the survivability of a website and its appeal to viewers.

Optimization is a simple fact of the game of the internet. He who knows SEO the best will inevitably be able to raise his rankings and attract more viewers. For a commercial site, SEO is even more important, as it can make the difference between success and failure of a business endeavor. Learning SEO and the differences between good and bad practices is essential.

Blackhat SEO walks the questionable ground of the vagaries of engine guidelines. While most of these rules are not set in stone, there are general viewpoints as to what constitutes a deceptive practice. Spamming keywords, use of hidden text, and redirecting people to other, unrelated, sites are all considered blackhat methods. The focus of blackhat SEO is to dissect the algorithms that search engines use and exploit them. Blackhat practices are often associated with scam sites, trying to get people to accidently spend money amidst a clutter of false information. People using blackhat methods know that their sites will inevitably be shut down once the engines figure them out, so producing real, useful content is not their goal.

Whitehat SEO, in contrast, is directed at providing useful content and getting it visible. The production of high-quality content and maintaining a long-lasting website is the goal. The content within is designed for the users, not the search engines. When a person clicks on the link to a proper site, they find what they are looking for. This is the practice of companies that have a reputation to uphold, as well as those seeking to design websites that are of a serious nature. Keeping content updated, marketing the site effectively, and good link placement are all whitehat practices.

Knowing what’s the difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO is one crucial step in designing a quality site. Avoiding practices that are considered deceptive will ensure a longer run for the site and, should the content be strong, it will attract viewers through merit rather than trickery. Optimizing this quality content will ensure even higher rankings, without the fear that search engines will ban the site for blackhat practices.

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