5 Easy Steps For Enhancing The Domain Authority Of Your Website

Domain Authority or DA is a website metric that Moz has developed. This number is among one of the most important in SEO. With a greater DA, you will have a better ranking and a good flow of traffic.

Is it possible to change your domain authority or is this impossible to alter? I believe that there are a number of practical steps that can be taken to improve this number.
Before we cover different ways to improve your DA, however, there are several things that you should know:

Domain Authority

Let me first give you a few vital facts about DA. These details will give you a better understanding of exactly how domain authority can be improved:
1. Domain authority is based on numerous factors. Ultimately, however, they are basically link profile factors like how many back-links there are that point to your website and how authoritative these sites happen to be.
2. Gaining a DA of 100 is extremely difficult. Google, Facebook and other sites of this caliber have it, but do not be disappointed if you are never able to reach 100.
3. It is difficult to directly influence domain authority. You can change your meta tags, but you can’t change a domain authority score in this same way.

So how can you enhance your domain authority?

How To Enhance Your Domain Authority
We are now arriving at the sole question that this article strives to answer: How can your domain authority be improved?
It is vital to improve your link profile.
At the basic level, in order to develop an impressive link profile, there are two things that you will have to do:

1. Eliminate bad links.

2. Build good links.

Let’s take care of the first issue – eliminating links that are bad. This strategy is very straightforward. You request to have these links removed and if that doesn’t pan out then you disavow these links. Finished.

Now, how about getting good links?

There are two feasible options that you have. The first is to hire an SEO firm that has good relationships with authoritative websites and writers who are capable of securing legitimate and high-quality backlinks. This options is good, but there are risks involved and it can be costly.

The second option is to build a site that contains high quality information that elicits links solely on the merit of its worth. This, my friends, is called content marketing.

I have found that the solution to improving domain authority is content marketing. While I will still provide you with a lists of steps that you can take to boost your domain authority, it has to be stressed that content marketing is the most important of these: you can enhance your DA by doing a good job at content marketing.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at five things that will improve your domain authority:

1. Make sure that your technical SEO is where it should be
Taking care of all of the technical aspects of SEO will establish a good foundation. You might not feel sexy optimizing your robots.txt or mapping out a structure for your URL, but absent of these features, your SEO won’t be effective. You have to take care of these things fist. Technical SEO can compromise the heart of any effort to improve domain authority.
Moz explains that in order to improve your domain authority, you have to improve your SEO overall and this includes all of the details that SEO professionals understand and relish – website structure, ease of navigation, breadcrumbs, header and meta tags, URL structure, alt tags, keywords, word count, etc. Content marketing and SEO are totally dependent upon one another.
They go hand in hand.
Get your SEO up to par before you start trying to pursue domain authority improvements.

2. Create tons of content that’s linkable.
This is getting into something that has a far more direct impact on your domain authority – your actual content.
For content marketing, you are going to need a lot of content that can be linked to. I create infographics and articles on a daily basis. This is a high output, given the fact that my articles are all 850 words or more.
Links are not merely driven by content of course. It is high-quality content with value, authority and power. There are no industries that are too boring to produce content that is engaging.

3. Create strong linking internally.
In the rush to get high-quality back-links, people often overlook the important of building high-quality links internally. The importance of linking internally cannot be emphasized enough.
With internal linking it is possible to weave a powerful network within your own website that benefits search engines and users alike. Without internal linking a site is like a handful of pebbles – weak and disconnected. Adding internal linking to this same site will turn it into concrete – unbreakable and interconnected.
The best thing about having lots of content is that you will have plenty of content to start linking to. With more internal links, you will be able to create a powerful and dense network within your site.

4. Remove toxic back-links on a regular basis.
SEO isn’t grandeur and glory all of the time. There is also the grunt work that has to be performed in terms of going through spreadsheets and doing a lot of work that is repetitive and mind-numbing.

This is not easy but it is certain to prove worthwhile. You have to get rid of toxic back lines. Every once in a while, you should pull through your link profile, identify spammy links and eliminate these.

You are going to get a major competitive advantage by cleaning up your link profile on a regular basis. I have found that this is not something that a lot of webmasters regularly do. There are some webmasters who are very diligent in this area, but this is only after they have felt the hit of an algorithm penalty or have been hit by a devastating manual penalty.

Avoid waiting until a penalty strikes before you start cleaning up you link profile.

Get this done today and then do it on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining a good link profile. You might build the most impressive link-backs that have ever been seen, but if you have a profile that is filled with spammy back-links, you are not going to succeed in content marketing. You’ll have a consistently low domain authority.

5. Stay patient.
If you are following all of the steps above, your domain authority is going to improve. The domain age factor is something that rarely gets mentioned in discussions about DA improvement. In general, a domain authority will go higher with age. I observed the link profile of a site and found a few historic domains. These domains had DA levels that were high.

To learn the age of a domain, try using Webconfs.com which has a free Domain Age Tool.
Domain age doesn’t translate automatically into DA. If the domain is in a state f disrepair, uses antiquated SEO methods, doesn’t have fresh content or has a poor link profile, the DA will be lost.

Throughout your content marketing efforts your DA is going to start rising. My belief is that this takes time. Stay patient. SEO success is not overnight. These things take time.

You can find lots of content online that talks about improving your DA.
A lot of this content, however, misses the point. You cannot boost you DA by simply tweaking a few things. You have to look at the larger picture of current SEO instead – this is content marketing. You can only win in other areas – traffic, domain authority, organic ranking – by staying focused on your content.
Good content will improve everything else. Your domain authority can be improved. It is all about the content that you use to do it.

Domain authority 5 steps to improve yours - SEO Advice
Article Name
Domain authority 5 steps to improve yours - SEO Advice
Domain Authority is a website metric that Moz has developed. This number is among one of the most important in SEO. Tips to increase your domain authority.

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