Guest Blogging – How credibility can be effectively boosted by

Guest blogging for blogger

Guest blogging can be quite conducive when it comes to extending the market reach of a business, building brand awareness and boosting an entrepreneur’s credibility. When done regularly, this blogging can assist boost credibility through a stronger online presence and an expanded audience base. It can also lead to additional leverage in SEO & link building together with increased authority in topics related industries. Guest blogging provides a win-win situation for all parties involved. However, poorly executed guest blogs can have a negative effect on a business owner’s online reputation. Mastering guest blogging techniques is …

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Enhancing Your Mobile Site Search Options And Interactions

Mobile Search on a Iphone

For all types of businesses, mobile searches are becoming very important. The quarterly and latest report of RKG noted that in the 2nd quarter of the year, more than one-fourth of the traffic from paid and organic search were from tablets and smartphones, and this is not just from the domestic markets only. In India and China for instance, mobile searches have surpassed or overtaken desktop/PC searches, which means a marketer may need to use a mobile platform/tool to get to such targets. Non-Optimized Mobile Sites Recently Google made an announcement on the changes to …

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L’impressionnante recherche conversationnelle de Google

Google ne cesse de nous surprendre avec son flot de nouvelles fonctionnalités et de nouveaux produits, les Google Glass par exemple. La manière dont nous effectuons nos recherches change à chaque jour et continuera de changer tant que le grand G n’atteindra pas la perfection dans le retour des résultats de recherche. Cet objectif semble plutôt complexe, voire même inatteignable, mais Google se surpasse de jour en jour et raffine la manière dont il traite les requêtes de recherche. La voix – un outil pratique Google perfectionne sans cesse sa manière d’interpréter les requêtes qu’il …

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