Improving Domain Authority Through Trustworthy Link Building

Creating and maintaining domain authority is crucial to improving the blog ranking of a site. It is imperative that site owners work to create domain trust in order to achieve optimum SEO. When site administrators or owners are building links to and from their site, it is important to be sure that the pages they link with are trustworthy and not considered spammy. In order to get a better blog ranking from search engines, domain trust must be established through smart link building. It is not enough to build links to a particular blog page. To establish true authority, a site owner must consider the two most important types of link building methods or factors. The first of these is deep linking and involves linking to the inner pages of a blog site, not only the home page. The act of deep linking to the inner blog pages tells the search engines that even these pages have relevant and useful information for the web-browsing public. Deep linking can significantly improve domain authority and, consequently, blog ranking. The value of creating diverse links for a blog is often understated among SEO experts. Many people simply comment on the same blogs over and over again, essentially gaining them the same link each time. When it comes to building domain authority, blog owners should consider branching out into different domain categories. It is not just the number of links that is important when trying to improve a blog ranking, but the diversity of the domains from which the links come. Focus should be given to creating a large number of links that come from a wide variety of domains. The second most important aspect of creating domain authority to improve blog ranking is the quality of the links to a blog. Many search engines will rank low, or ultimately ban, sites that link to spammy or untrustworthy sites. It is extremely important that owners research the site that the links are coming from before allowing them. There are sites that will perform a PageRank verification for free, thereby ensuring blog owners that the site that their link comes from is reputable. Domain authority is improved when a site owner wisely chooses the sites they link to and from. The reputation of a linked site is very important to effective SEO of a blog and the blog ranking will naturally improve as a result of careful selection. Link building must be performed with consideration to the pages within a blog, not simply the home page, and a diverse domain origin base will increase the ranking of a site on search engines.

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  1. Good to know about domain authority. I am working on link building campaign for my eCommerce website. I have compile one excel sheet which helping me to know about page rank and alexa rank. I am pro member on SEOmoz and come to know about domain authority. So, which one is best figure to justify during link building campaign? Can I focus more on domain authority rather than page rank or alexa rank?

    • Thank for your comment Hiren. Personnally I wouldn’t focus only one criteria for my link building campaign! Keep in mind that Page Rank was made by Google for Google! I encourage you to read my article on Alexa Rank. Otherwise, I think that a mix a those three measures will help you to find good backlinks.

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