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According to SEO Business Box, automating your SEO business whenever possible is a must and which no SEO professional can do without. Why is it considered necessary to automate your SEO business? Let’s consider that you are running several SEO campaigns concurrently and have many tasks and details to keep track of. For example, keyword research, optimizing on-page elements, web site formatting and tweaking, and so forth. If you are to do these tasks manually, you are very likely going to spend a chunk of time on these tasks, time which is better used elsewhere, such as finding new clients to expand your business. Also, there is always the chance that you might commit some human error in the process.
Think about it. If Internet marketers out there were to spend their valuable time painstakingly writing content for blogs and site directories, finding and sourcing out each and every individual backlink, managing every forum profile and posting, they won’t get very far at all before fatigue and exhaustion set in. Being successful in SEO is a numbers game. You want to create a massive amount of backlinks ranging in the thousands in the least amount of time. Doing things manually is simply not the way to go if you want to run a successful SEO business.
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Which is why SEO professionals and Internet marketers are searching more and more for sophisticated and state of the art software tools to help lighten the load and get some worthwhile on page SEO done. There are several criteria that come into play when determining what to look for in a great software tool.

Smart analysis – Sophisticated SEO tools will handle on-page elements like tags, formatting, keyword density, coding and images with ruthless efficiency and effectiveness. They can analyse these on-page aspects and give precise details and information on what should be done to optimize the elements.
Multiple directory submission – Any software tool worth its salt should be able to submit your articles and content to the most relevant and high authority sites. They also constantly update their site database so that your content gets syndicated on only the best directories.
Great help service and constant updates – Perhaps no other factor is more important than whether the creators/managers of the software tool constantly update and maintain their tool so it stays relevant and up to date. The Internet is a constantly changing place, and software tools must stay relevant or become obsolete and useless. A creator who constantly interacts with his customer base helps a lot too, to gather feedback to make improvements to the product.
A great software tool will take care of the small stuff so that your SEO runs even while you are asleep. More importantly, it should contribute significantly to getting your sites to the top rankings.
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