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How You Can Start A Profitable SEO Business

Daniel Tan’s SEO Business Box is getting raving accolades from all corners of the Internet Marketing world. A unique, simple yet detailed course on starting careers with SEO as an SEO professional, it has garnered positive reviews and has become a major hit among the Internet Marketing community in just a short amount of time since its launch and release. On why people would want to start a SEO business, Daniel Tan lists down the factors that make a career with SEO so attractive.
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1. Automation. It’s no secret that automating mundane and straightforward tasks saves time and money, reduces human error and increases efficiency and effectiveness of SEO overall. A great example of such a software tool would be Daniel Tan’s much acclaimed SEOPressor. In this course, he shares with others the tools and services that he himself uses for his own SEO campaigns, so that he can focus on expanding and managing his business while running several SEO campaigns at once. What’s so great about SEO is that a lot of its functions and individual tasks can be automated. This in turn frees the SEO professional to focus on the bigger picture of his business.

2. Outsourcing. Similar to the automation concept, whole SEO campaigns can be outsourced to reputable, high quality SEO service providers. In this module Daniel Tan introduces us to some of the services that he has worked with, and which he finds to deliver the goods and promises. In this day and age of Internet connectivity, it is actually a necessity to outsource most, if not all of the workload so that one can focus on building his business from the ground up. Quality services can be found throughout the world, especially in the Philippines, which offer top notch services for very reasonable, some might even say dirt cheap, prices. With the twin pillars of outsourcing and automation, one can focus on the important things in business and yet live a comfortable life.

3. Minimal start up costs. All that’s really required to start a SEO business is a stable Internet connection (which can be fibre optic cable or dial up), a computer (doesn’t have to be the latest model, SEO does not require high resolution graphics or fast processing ROMS and RAMS), some automation software (most of which are free and available for download) , and guts and determination. The point of entry is relatively easy and since the market upside is huge, it is easy for a beginning SEO professional to either dominate his local area niche, or if he is confident enough, to find clients from further away, even those from overseas.
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4. Easy to pick up. If new beginners want to take up SEO, they don’t have to go through years of formal education per se. They can take up courses and books and do it through self-learning. Of course, having a course designed to suit their needs and aims would definitely give them a better competitive edge. This is what SEO Business Box is about, to give SEO beginners the tools and knowledge necessary to start their very own SEO businesses, while learning the ropes at their own pace. The course is flexibly structured and at such a low, affordable price, it is practically a steal compared to say, spending thousands of dollars getting a college education that usually leads to a conventional job.

5. Freedom. You are your own boss with SEO Business Box. You yourself make the choices and decisions that affect the outcome of your business, and you are responsible for the consequences that arise as a result of your business decisions. At the same time, with the right tools, automated software and outsourcing services, you don’t have to live a 9 to 5 desk job (though you can do SEO 9 to 5, if that is what you prefer), and you can even work from the comfort of your home. This course teaches you how to plan and strategise your SEO campaigns, and also how to find and deal with leads and potential clients, so that you can live your life to the fullest, spending time with your family and doing the things that you love most without having to worry about how your SEO business is faring.

Grab SEO Business Box today and start making money!

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