An Interview with Daniel Tan: SEO Guru Speaks about His SEO Business Box

February 5, 2011
Daniel Tan, the popular SEO Guru, spent some time with us speaking about his new product, the SEO Business Box. Here are some excerpts.

Waiting for Daniel Tan in his waiting room is a good insight on what the man is like. His receptionist’s desk proudly displays his certificate of being a Registered Financial Consultant and there are various pictures of him receiving various awards. His three products, Backlink Syndication, Rank Mover and the recent SEO Business Box, find place on his wall as well. We were still looking into these things when we were called inside his office. Daniel Tan was ready for us.
[ad#Thesis AD] We began shooting our questions at him right away.

We asked, “Mr. Tan, you have now fulfilled your promise of releasing a trio of successful SEO products for the newbie online entrepreneur. How this this product, SEO Business Box, different from the previous two?”

He says, “This product is more targeted to the amateur Internet marketer than my previous product. I have refrained from using any technical terms without first explaining what they mean, and I have made sure to give people a proper way to do things in the SEO world. Actually, with this product, my target is not just that people should make money; it is that people should make an identity for themselves which will carry their name forward for their future entrepreneurial ventures.”

“So, what is SEO Business Box all about?” we ask.
[ad#Seo Business Box 2] “The SEO Business Box is basically a business course,” Daniel Tan says. “It is about launching your own SEO business on the Internet and making the most out of it. It is provided in the form of a course and contains elements like how to find your first client, how to help them get first page ranking, how to outsource the works, and most importantly, how much to charge them.”

“Could you elaborate on what it contains?” we prodded him a bit to know what his product was about.

“There are actually many aspects to my program,” Daniel Tan continues. “I have begun by speaking about branding, and how important it is to a business, whether it is online or offline. Then I have told people how they should choose a domain name that not only reflects their business but is also great for the search engines. I have spoken about things like on-page and off-page optimization. I have shown people that backlinks can be generated with white hat methods too. But the most important thing is that I tell people that PageRank is a very exaggerated concept and that even the Google Sandbox won’t harm their business if they how these work.”

“With every product, you have launched some new principles or features of your own,” we said, “What have you developed for SEO Business Box then?”

Daniel Tan looks at us with his warm smile. “With the SEO Business Box,” he says, “I have introduced two new methods to enhance the number of links that your website gets. These methods are known as Link Velocity and Link Acceleration, both are extremely crucial to establish on-page leverage.”

“So what is the earning potential for anyone using this method?”

“There is huge money to be made,” he says nonchalantly. “About $10,000 a month is easy money with this system, but people are also drawing in more than $25,000 using the very same things I have described in this course.”
[ad#Seo Business Box 2] We take leave of Daniel Tan, quite impressed with his latest offering. He is going to close his product after he reaches the 1,000 mark. For people who are interested, time is really of the essence considering the mass hysteria that exists between the Internet marketing crowd for Daniel Tan’s popular third product

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