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Why Internal Linking Is Important For Your Onpage SEO Strategy?

If you are trying to optimize your website or blog for search engines, then it is important to understand why internal linking is important for your onpage SEO strategy. Many webmasters make the mistake of only concentrating on inbound links, i.e. links from other web pages to your site. What many do not realize is that onpage linking is just as important to good SEO as obtaining good backlinks.

Google and other major search engines have various methods for determining how well a website should rank in their search engine. The two main criteria are relevance and authority. If your site is authoritative and appears to be written by an expert in the topic being covered, it is likely to get good ratings. If the content of the site is relevant to the keywords being used, then this will benefit the site. For instance, if you have a website called earlylearning.com, you will want to have plenty of material about early learning. This material could be tips on early learning, early learning products or even a parenting forum. The important thing is that the site content matches up with the site title and URL.

One way to show that a site is relevant is to use internal links. By linking one of your blog posts to another one of your blog posts, you show that these two posts are on the same topic. This is something that search engines will pick up on and it will enhance your credibility. On page linking, in short, shows that your site does not consist of a multitude of topics all thrown together. For this reason, you will want to use internal linking as much as you can.

internal links good seo tacticIf one of your website pages or blog posts already gets good ratings, you can boost the rest of your blog or website by linking one popular page with another page or post on your site. Search engines take note of what sort of links a page or post has. If a page is linked with a page in good standing, then this page will get good search engine placement.

SEO in all its forms is very important. Without good search engine optimization, a site will get lost amid the millions of websites on the net. However, it is very important to pay attention to all aspects of SEO. While backlinking is good and is sure to boost a site’s search engine ratings, you must also understand why internal linking is important for your onpage SEO strategy. You need both onpage and offpage SEO if you want to boost your site’s ratings and get more visitors to come to your website or blog.

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  1. Excellent advice on internal linking, often internal linking is neglected by the search engine optimizers and major focus remains on the external linking. If intrrnal linking is implemented properly it can have a very good impect on overall ranking.

  2. @Tabraiz it’S true this simple technique is often neglected by what so call seo expert! It could be a good way to differentiate a good seo expert from a bad one! We will never say it enough! Ask for concrete results of your SEO expert before granting the contract! Do not be afraid to ask questions about how he will go about achieving the objectives

  3. I found that the best way to go is always to draw your sitemap before you get going, and to try to make it look close to yours.

    By the way, I really enjoy how readable your blog is. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you for the post. This topic is really useful specially these days where google pay more attention to on-site engagement, but i have a question: according to you what is the weight of the number of links in a page? I mean a good internal links structure helps search engines discover website content properly but if a page has a big number of links pointing to another pages (specially on ecommerce websites) of the same website; does this matter?

  5. Yes, A good SEO strategy will bring much more traffic to my website.

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