Understanding The Effectiveness Of Linkwheel Technique

Using the linkwheel technique effectively requires a perfect understanding of how the internet and SEO works. There are millions of sites out there in cyberspace competing for the attention of search engines. For this reason, the online investor needs to know how to give his or her site the much needed visibility. It has to be pointed out that if people do not go about this process the right way, their sites might get blacklisted. This is why people need to understand the basics of backlink strategy and use it for the benefit of their websites.

The beauty of the linkwheel technique as an SEO concept is that it is an improvement on the simple backlink strategy. When people create links in their articles or website content, this link connects them site to just one website at a time. This makes it easy for Google to monitor the abuse of backlink strategy. The good news is that the links can be done in the form of a wheel without breaking the rules of SEO. The way this process works is simplicity in itself and it is also a great linkbuilding method.

Internet marketers and website owners can simply create a number of web 2.0 accounts for the purpose of SEO. These include Hubpages, Blogger and Squidoo. These web 2.0 properties are then interlinked with each other and also interlinked with the website of the person who created these properties in the first place. This simple process is effective in the sense that the different 2.0 properties would link to and from each other to create a sort of web or a wheel.

For the purpose of SEO marketing, this is a great idea because it will allow the website owner multiple page 1 listings. It is also a great linkbuilding method because Google and other search engines will not devalue links created in this way. It is important to point out that this process can only be successful if the footprints of the links are easy to trace. This means that this linkbuilding method needs to be done tactfully. More to the point, SEO should not be manipulated. Key word stuffing should be avoided and the links should be to authority sites. This is what linkwheel technique is all about.

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  1. Very true. It is important not to abuse the link wheel and just go from spammy links. However if you are providing quality content and interlinking your web pages across web properties you can see some outstanding results.

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