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Top 7 Legal Ways To Get Links To Your Website

We know that Google loves links coming in and going out from any website. It just automatically lends credibility and stature to the website landing up high up on the Google result pages. Unfortunately, shady web marketers have cottoned on to this fact as well. To increase the amount of links that they can get, website owners and marketers use paid link systems for linkbuilding that will increase the amount of incoming links to their sites. However, Google does not like paid links as they are unethical way of improving the standing of the website. Webmasters have been warned about the use of paid links that are manipulative and are specifically designed to pass through Pagerank. These illegal links can actually improve a website’s page rank but through the use of unnatural anchor text usage. These types of unnatural and unethical practices have resulted in several website being banned from search engine results and that’s not a good thing. By now you must have started wondering about what you can do legally to improve your website rankings…but no worries; there are several methods by which you can legally get approved links for your websites.

Here is a quick list and description of what you can do for your websites.

Sponsored Reviews – Interviews and reviews are a great way of getting links to your website. However, for this to be effective you have to have a blog that is directed on to a specific market. For example, if you are a food blogger with a specific audience, and you are relatively popular in the field, you will be approached by companies that manufacture food products to review their products or even to make recipes that are targeted on to their products. Some product companies will also add financial incentives to their offers in the form of payments, freebies that you can use or gift to your readers, free access to their test kitchens to try out their products and commissions on the sales that are done through your website. This will completely depend on the popularity of your blog though and you can lay the ground works for the project by encouraging readers to read your blog and participate on the blog. The type of offers that you get from the site will also depend on a few factors like

o Good traffic to your site which means that you have several visitors per day
o You offer good high quality content for your readers
o Your have regular visitors who have subscribed to RSS feeds
o You have good Pagerank of 3 or more and this domain registration can be measured through Mozbar

Buying Content From Reliable And Prominent Bloggers – If you know famous and prominent bloggers, you can always invite them to write for you. This may cost you about $100 or more but its always worth the expense. Fans of the blogger will always switch over to your blog to take a look at the guest post. The blogger will also offer a link to his guest post from his blog and you are likely to get quite a few guest readers from his website. This works both ways as people from your blog might like the writing done by the guest blogger and then visit the blogger’s website as well. Its actually a win-win situation for both. This will also help your ranking on Google search results as you are getting quality content from industry experts to write for your website. Apart from the quality content, you are also getting viral traffic that could result in a rapid rise or your blog provided the guest post is interesting and valid. If the guest post is promoted in the right way it can easily result in constant traffic to your blog and a very good reputation for your blog. For you too, it can be quite influential as you get to connect and meet with prominent bloggers in your field. This can raise your standing in the industry as the blog rises in links and standing.

Organize Contests – Contests are probably the most popular way to increase links, traffic and page rank for any website. You can ask for sponsors or organizers to host contests for your websites. You will automatically provide links to the sponsors and vice versa. Along with regular announcements for the contests, you will also be able to provide regular links to manufacturing websites and get links in return. This means that you will get additional traffic to your website even from new readers who will be interested in taking part in contests. Another way to encourage links to and from your websites is by asking participants to visit the sponsor website and then provide a link back to you as a form of entering the contest. You can organize your own contest with the help of these following tips like-

o The theme of the contest should be entertaining and should encourage readers to enter the contest, visit the sponsor site and then participate.
o You will have to advertise the contest as much as possible to ensure that even new readers can enter the contest as quickly and easily as possible.
o Set up simple entrance and participation criteria which will mean that the readers will be able to participate quickly. Invite them to leave a link to your website and provide one in return.
o Offer many categories of prizes to ensure that the most readers will participate and take part in the contest. The most gifts you provide, the more the number of readers and linkbacks that you will get
o Contests are also listed very common on free coupon sites and contest sites. Make sure that you mail contest info to as many related food or blogging sites as possible
o Contact other bloggers that are related to your field and ask them whether they will be interested in hosting joint competitions where readers can enter into all competitions at the same time. This will encourage readers to participate in many contests.

Paid Social Ads – Social media networks are an easy and simple way to make sure that you get as many links as possible. Almost all search engines now evaluate social media links and use them to rank websites as well. For this reason, it becomes very essential to have a footprint on almost every social media website present online. A few tips to help you out include the following

o Use link bait content that can be posted on to Facebook ads by which you are more likely to get good traffic back to your website.
o Use reliable links from sites like Stumble upon and Digg to ensure that your site is linked higher on top of website search pages.
o Use sponsored tweets to ensure that your site has linkable content that will connect to other sites and influential Twitter users. Twitter is now probably the most visited and read website
on the internet and it pays to have links to that platform. Tweets too have a very high chance of going viral and they are more likely to result in higher business.

Sponsor Events – Everyone knows that sponsoring events can result in good business all through the year. Advertising offline and online are just great ways of branding your product and increasing awareness of your product in the consumers mind. We suggest that you first start by evaluating your website and finding out exactly what you can sponsor. Choose related and linked websites, products or events that you can sponsor to ensure that you are using relevant links and products. You can choose to sponsor local events, fund raisers, blog awards, seminars and webinars to sponsor and promote

Create Quality Visuals on Your Website – Most website owners forget that readers require high quality contents and visuals that will keep them engaged and reading. Smart visuals are also a great way to make sure that other blogs will link to your blog to show off photos, food presentations, images etc. Most people love sharing such images across through on their own website or even on social media websites. This is a great way to encourage readers to keep connected to your blog. Make sure that you allow readers the permission to repost images or content from your site so long as you are offered a link or an acknowledgement back to your website. Most large websites will also be more than happy to use images and content from your website and provide you a link in return.

Forum Profiles – You can and should think about putting up profiles on forums where you can link to readers directly. Forums offer a great way to talk direct to readers while still directing them legally and ethically back to your website. You can do the process yourself and it’s a good way to get traffic back to your website. However, you do have to cautious here too. Do not be indiscriminate. Choose relevant forums and blogs that are related to your content to be on the safe side.

Blog Commenting – Who knew right? Blog commenting on other blogs and providing and link back to your website is a great way to ensure that readers know about you and link back to your website. Make sure that you comment usefully on the post instead of just putting up spammy comments that do not make sense.

Become an Expert – Do you have niche experience on a particular topic? If yes, then you should consider putting up your profile on sites where journalists and bloggers come to do their research. Make sure that you complete a profile on the website so that more people can get in touch with you and evaluate your expertise. It does create a web footing for you and brands you an expert audience.

Buy Products to Sponsor Testimonials – Value of the Links
No matter what type of link and review that you do get, you should be aware that the quality of links also matters considerably. Once you have got the links for your website, make sure that you review them carefully for the following

• Placement of the link on your website and the link that you are providing the benefits that you are getting from it.
• The traffic or leads that the link is generating for your websites
• The link will provide a chance for more links from readers who have visited your site.
• You will attract more links if the link is topically relevant to the page and interesting at the same time.

To Finish Up
Google is a fickle master though and rules and regulations can change at any time. In recent years, the search engine has smartened up. Too many websites are sitting at the top of web search pages without really being the right sites for the search. Illegal linking and back links made this possible and it did make the process profitable. Web marketers have learnt to adapt to the new rules by finding easy loopholes and that is something that will always happen. However, we now know that Google can and will ban sites that are using illegal and unethical methods of ranking their sites. Be particularly careful with blogging platforms which Google recently went nuclear on. Private blogs which were allowed to put in as many links as possible were deindexed in the last two years and more than three companies have shut shop due to this reason. With the fear of this ban, web marketers will think twice about paid links fro their websites. Times are changing and newer rules will ensure that only reliable and authentic sites will list in the top ten results on every page


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