Optimal Link Building Helps Online Business Build Better Bridges!

Well informed internet entrepreneurs understand the importance of backlinks in building and maintaining strong commercial presences online.
Of course, some advertising media are better known than others are. A little-known fact is that less-popular methods are often most effective. Following are some simple means of maximizing your site’s marketplace visibility.

No Place like Home

Effective search engine optimization (“SEO”) starts with your home or landing page. Its proper layout is crucial. Blog post titles are ideal for primary keyword insertion. Studies consistently reveal a positive correlation between on-page keyword primacy and search engine ranking.

Choose Words Carefully

Anchor text is the visible word(s) within in your site’s hyperlinks. The term(s) used to “cover” embedded on-page links have major impact on search engine ranking.

Limit the text to a maximum length of 60 characters. Also, ensure that all on-page anchor text conveys a concept related to that of the in-linked site.

For instance, “Wikipedia” is ideal anchor text for the following embedded link: Wikipedia.

Profil Links

As their label implies, these links lead to informational synopses about a person, product, or company. Embedded social network site profiles are often used as on-page profil links.

On-page profil links are valuable for enhancing online visibility. Very often, however, profile link installation onto high-profile sites that feature content of major public interest yields better results.

If you choose this approach, always check the site’s Alexa ranking before profil link insertion. If its rating is relatively, use ordinary backlinks instead. Be prepared for a relatively long wait for profile link indexation. Meanwhile, conduct social media book marking.

Follow Me …

Follow and unfollow links are another popular online marketing tool. Social media site members commonly “follow” firms via periodic auto updates about significant events or activities. Examples include time-limited discounts and product innovations.

A company‘s “followers” may use an “unfollow” link to stop such notifications. Most website operators are unaware that they can also ascertain the identities of all former and current followers via such links. This capability permits much easier, more effective targeted marketing.

Do Not Underestimate Your URL

Research further reveals that short URLs rank higher within search query results. In addition, brevity begets more duplication and in-linkage to other sites.

Web Directories Entries

“Web directory” and “search engine” are often used interchangeably. The two terms are very distinct, however. Web directories organize sites by subject matter.

Such categorized lists are called “subject directories. “ Web users enter queries or browse existing indexes for corresponding sites listed therein.

Most subject directories are maintained manually – not automatically. You may submit subject directories entries of your site’s URL or wait for its eventual inclusion by directory editors.

Link wheel

This little-known SEO strategy entails targeting at least five high-ranking websites for backlink placement to your own site. “Spokes” are the links themselves. The wheel’s “hub” may be any page within your website. Most webmasters select their offer and squeeze pages, or other “money sites.”

The operative objective is to develop a close-knit cluster of high-ranking sites that back link to your own online platform. The key to successful link wheel SEO is targeting one keyword at a time to for search engine promotion.


Clearly, link building is indispensable for all serious online entrepreneurs. E-merchants must exploit every marketing opportunity. Your next sale may come from the unlikeliest source. Always remember that the lack of competitive clutter and traffic collisions mean faster arrival and smoother travel along alternate routes and less-traveled roads to Success!

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Benoît Arsenault est le fondateur et un stratège web chez simpliciT marketing inc. Passionné de nouvelles technologies, Benoît est toujours à l’affût des nouveautés dans le domaine du SEO et du marketing numérique.

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  1. Thank you for this helpful article, i specially didn’t know about « link wheel » technique. It can really improve targetted linking on the website and bring in some top quality link to the domain.

  2. Thank for passing by Tabraiz! Oh yeah link wheel is one of the most oldest and popular seo technique and it could be very powerful when it really done well!! 🙂

  3. Good article and straight forward, but one thing I always advise to people trying to build links themselves is to start with good content people will want to link to and then make that content available. Natural is always the best! When you get into creating reciprocal links always check to make sure the link they give you isn’t « no follow »

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