5 Common Linkbuilding Misconceptions For Websites

1. One of 5 Common Linkbuilding Misconceptions is the belief that you need a link to every single topic on your page. However, topics that are not relevant to your webpage will have no effect on your linkbuilding. Whether a link is customer base irrelevant, market base irrelevant or vertically irrelevant, you will waste your time trying to fulfill every possible link to your page. Instead, you simply need to focus on the links that are directly related to your webpage.

2. You should also not use deceptive, or black hat, methods in order to increase you linkbuilding potential. At some point, someone will discover these methods and you can do irreparable damage to your page’s reputation. This is especially important when dealing with Google, which has good methods of rooting out those who use black hat methods in building their links. You will save yourself a lot of trouble by using legitimate linkbuilding methods from the start.

3. You should also think twice about some of the links you decide to connect with your site. You should try to stick with the ones you maintain and control. Just because you like a site does not mean that it will be effective in helping you route traffic to your own webpage. Furthermore, you run the risk of linking to a banned or malicious site when you decide to link to any site that you do not own or maintain.

4. Spending lots of your budget on automated tools and paid links can also backfire. The reason this can be a bad idea is that you yourself have not done the work to build relationships with and contact the websites with which you want to link. When you rely solely upon an SEO specialist, you could end up with links to sites that are not maintained or moderated. In other words, if you want linkbuilding done right, you have to do it yourself.

5. Another common misconception in linkbuilding is traffic is not important. In fact, traffic is crucial in linkbuilding. You need to have good backlinks so that the site to which you are linked can give you traffic as you give to it. Not surprisingly, if the site to which you are linked has no traffic, neither will your site. You should have a system in place that allows you to check your traffic so that you know which links work.

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  1. Very helpful article on some link building strategies. I think link building is a personlized and pretty centric effort which require a lot thought, effort and authenticity in order to bring success to the website. As you stated its better to do the link building on our own. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this Helpful Post,
    Every one should build link Manually.
    Search Engine Love that Site which have many backlink.
    But Condition apply:
    1. Relevancy
    2.The Higher the PR the Better
    3.Some site Preferred much (.edu and .gov )
    4.Getting Linked Naturally (Not too fast)

    Actually Backlink works as a Vote. But Low Quality Vote can Hamper you site.

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