3 Reasons Why Linkbaiting Is The Way To Go

In essence, linkbaiting boils down to enticing other online operators to build incoming links that drive traffic into your own site. You accomplish this objective via articles and other text-based content “hooks” within your webpage or elsewhere in Cyberspace.

When properly executed, this technique operates to literally reach out and capture reader attention so completely as to compel their positive response and reaction. Although somewhat controversial as a viable marketing strategy for virtual merchants, linkbaiting offers internet business owners many indisputable benefits.

Massive Market Infection Is Invaluable

Its inherent viral nature is the main advantage that linkbaiting offers online businesses. Leveraging existing social media platforms to build a self-perpetuating online presence brings prolific results. Cumulative effects can be incredible. Each link bait campaign leads to extremely high website exposure and visibility to large numbers of viewers within a very short time.

Cost efficiency

Primarily due to its enormous exponential impact, linkbaiting is extremely cost efficient. Simultaneous exploitation of multiple resources like search engines, web crawlers, subject directories, and online news services eliminate the need for costly duplicate marketing efforts. All you need to start a sequence of events to propel your site into outer orbits of online visibility and virtual market prominence is high quality content. No specialized technical expertise, sophisticated equipment, or complicated software is required.

Rapid results

Linkbaiting lets you beat competitors to the punch by being the first to feature uniquely entertaining, informative, insightful information or highly useful content. Although newly generated traffic is often relatively short-lived, substantial growth of your business base is virtually guaranteed by new referrals, stimulated consumer interest, and heightened public awareness of your site’s offerings. As the ancient Chinese proverb posits, “If you throw enough rice against a wall, some of it is bound to stick!”

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