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Google is sometimes called the God of search engines, and webmasters cower in fear of Google as they try to do the things that will please it. If you break any of the rules of Google. SEO, you will be subject to its wrath and displeasure. The punishment can be anything like being thrown out of the kingdom of good placement in the SERPs to banishment in the hell of having no presence in the searches at all. What are some of the ways that a website might displease Google? Let us know them so we can avoid them.

1. Paid Links: This is a source of displeasure to Google. Paid links will make Google angry. You can actually have a paid link but you must not hide it. Make it obvious to Google that the link is paid for. Use terms such as Sponsor or Advertisement. You can also add « no follow » tags so Google can easily identify which are the paid links and which are the natural links.

2. Poor Content: Content which has simply been written to attract the Google search engine but which does not provide information of value to the user will be frowned upon by Google. From the time that Google initiated the Panda update, all content that is written only with search engines in mind is destined to fail. Your site will get downgraded and you will lose traffic.

3. Poor Quality Links: Links to your site must appear to be natural and build up over a period of time. If there are suddenly many poor quality links to your website, you will be downgraded. Creating a lot of low quality artificial links is not a good Google. SEO strategy.

4. Algorithm Manipulation Attempts. You may feel tempted but do not do it. Google’s algorithm is its most prized possession and Google will not put up with any tampering. Some unscrupulous SEO experts have spent a great deal of time and effort to try figure out how to manipulate the way pages are ranked. However, Google can always detect these attempts and it can punish the violator on a permanent basis.

5.Duplicated Content: Google does not like this. Wikipedia warns against duplicated content, saying that this refers to substantial blocks of content that exactly match other content or are very similar to other content, whether it appears within domains or across domains.

6. Too many keywords. Keyword stuffing used to be used back in the Stone Age of the Internet. Do not use it in the modern Star Wars age. You will be penalized for this bad SEO practice. Keep within a reasonable density for your keywords unless you don’t care at all about getting a good rank from Google.

7.Links that are broken. Having broken links, malware, or duplicated metas make your site look very unprofessional. Check into your webmaster tools and start looking around for all the things that need to be fixed. These are basic SEO tasks.

8.Hidden text. If Google detects that you have stuffed keywords or used some code to manipulate your rank, you will be in trouble. As soon as Google finds evidence that you have hidden text in order to improve your rankings, you can get tossed from the searches.

9. Content that is not updated. Maybe you had terrific content and design when you first put up your website, but that was a few years ago. If you have not updated your content in a while, Google will get displeased with you. Look at your rankings for your keywords. They have probably dropped down. A website is not something that you can put up one time and forget about it. It is something that you need to pay attention to regularly. Google has recently been putting a lot of emphasis on fresh content that has good quality. If you want to stay in the game, you need to update your content on a regular basis.

10. Too much advertising. Even if you need ads on your site in order to survive, you don’t want to have too many ads and not enough content. Google has already smacked down those sites that are just clones for affiliate products. Google wants you to tell your customers why a particular product may be useful to them. It does not want another website that is filled with the same promotional content that is seen on hundreds of other affiliate partners.

As a webmaster, you have to pay attention to all the things you might be doing wrong that could offend Google. You have to be sure that you achieve good ratings for your website by doing SEO the right way.

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