New features to Google Adwords: what to expect

Now it is out in the open what Google had been working on with their AdWords platform. Many were in a grip of panic that Google was to take away some of the more useful features, but as it appears now, nothing of the sort is going to happen. According to recent industry reports, they have added a whole host of new features while taking away nothing!

New Google AdWords features: A short overview

Sophisticated reporting & management features

This is possibly the most exciting update to the platform that Google is going to introduce. These new heavy-duty reporting and management features are primarily meant for the ‘power users’ of the platform, but others may benefit from it, too.

What are the new features?
Bulk editing options: With the addition of these features, we may soon see the erstwhile AdWords Editor becoming obsolete. This is because the new feature allows the users to take bulk editing actions for multiple campaigns/ ad groups/ ads all at one go, something that could only be done through AdWrods Editor until now.

Enhanced reporting: The new advanced reporting features in the new version of AdWrods will come fully equipped with drag-and-drop and visualization tools, which means that you will be able to work quite as you used to do in Excel, but now right from AdWrods itself. Reporting with live data will become much more convenient with the introduction of this new tool.

Automated bidding tools: This feature can be used by the businesses to maximize revenues or maximize conversions. This type of bidding could only be performed up till now through 3rd party platforms such as Marin or Kenshoo.

Draft mode: The new ‘lab’ feature added to the latest AdWords version will enable the businesses to taste the efficacy of a campaign when it is still under prepare. This, Google asserts, will encourage more data-driven decision making through the platform.

Who does this benefit?
The new features are obviously designed primarily with big spenders in mind. However, this does not mean that others will not be able to use them. There is no minimum size/spend requirement which means that anyone in AdWords can use them.

What’s the takeaway?
The above is the best part of the new changes that have been brought to the platform. However, they also spell a big threat to AdWords Editor and other third-party bidding platforms such as Marin and Kenshoo. They seriously look to be staring at near extinctions.

New Features for Mobile App Makers
At the same time, Google also seems determined to take the whole online advertising phenomena to the mobile platform.

There are a host of new features added to the new version of AdWords which are specifically aimed towards the mobile app market and makers. These features are meant to increase product visibility for the app makers, increase engagement with apps already downloaded on a device, and encourage a bigger number of app downloads. App promotion through AdWords was already possible with the older version, but the new platform will potentially take it to a whole new level.

Advanced features for targeting users: Advertisers will now be able to navigate a whole range of data including the download and use history of apps, frequency of using an app, etc. And all this data are expected to help the app makers to target their customers in a more effective and studied manner.

Increase app engagement: The new features will also help the makers to push those who have downloaded their apps towards greater usage of the app.

Better app engagement: AdWords will also come equipped with more sophisticated app conversion tracking, from engagement to installation to in-app purchase.

Who does this benefit?
Quite obviously, the app makers are going to benefit in a big way from the introduction of the above features.

What’s the takeaway?
If you are not into the apps usage already, you may want to plunge in soon. Google is encouraging conversion and it may not be long for which you can stay out of the apps revolution.

More Investment in Conversions
Google has also announced that they will be investing more towards estimated total conversions, which means that they will be investing more in improving measurement of cross device conversion and mobile campaign ROI.

Who does this benefit?
Most all users, since as it appears, everyone will need to start advertising on mobile soon.

What’s the takeaway?
The gist of the story could be that Google is all hung up to open up the space for mobile advertising. However it is , the good news is no one stands to lose anything from the introduction of the new features and many may gain in a big way.

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  1. Hi,

    Great post! 🙂

    I really think that Google’s demonstrate a committed focus to continue to promote growth in mobile advertising in AdWords.

  2. Perso, je trouve que Google prend une tendance bizarre et semble vouloir nous rediriger ou du moins nous encourager à utiliser encore plus Adwords. C’est mon opinion, voilà!

    • Parfois, j’ai le même sentiment envers l’orientation que Google prend, mais je ne m’avancerai pas avec certitude. Cependant, je crois que depuis l’arrivée du Not Provided, l’utilisation d’Adwords pour les mots-clés est un incontournable.

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