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Google Hummingbird, Google’s newest algorithm update is one of the most important up dates in more than ten years. Hummingbird takes websites of poor quality and ranks them very low. Since many people do use long-tail search inquires Google wants to make sure that they find what they are looking for easily. These long-tail inquiries are known as « conversational search » inquires. The newest update makes these « conversational inquiries » which are formatted as a question easy for the user to find.

Google has a search database that you can search looking for information. This database is called a « knowledge graph » and has billions of bits of information. There has to be a way to organize the data and Google does this through search engines that use Schema.org.rich snippets. Microdata as this is called were introduced in June of 2011.

The following eight tips are ways for you to create a website using microformats that conform to Google’s new update Hummingbird.
1. Microdata
2. Rich Snippets Helps in Search Engines
3. Using Microdata in Native Languages
4. Microdata Helps to Increase the Visibility of Your Business
5. Using Microdata Creates Advantages for Niche Websites
6. Microdata Helps Incorporate Your Information Into Google’s Knowledge Graph
7. Updating Your Existing Content Helps Boost Search Rankings
8. Testing Your Website Helps to Fix Mistakes

People use websites to find the information that they are looking for. In order for them to find this information easily, the website has to be structured and presented so that is easy for them to understand. When using search bots it is not easy to find the information. A search bot has no way of knowing how information on your website relates to each other. This is information such as a name, address, and other relevant information about this person. You have to specify how all of the information relates to each other. Following is way to markup the data using microdata.

itemscope itemtype= »http://schema.org/Person »>
May Weather

itemtype= »http://schema.org/PostalAddress »>

The address of the person is here.

(555) 123-4567

What this does is it tells information about his person in the context. When you enter a semantic search query such as what is « May Weather’s address », this page will properly display the information on the web page. Major search engines are recommending using microdata, as it makes it easy for search engines to understand the content. When search engines understand the content then it easily comes up in search queries.

When you search for specific information within Google rich snippets will help infer this information. Such as when you such for a book that a certain author has written, Google will show a bar at the top with picture of book covers from this particular author. Google also highlights other information such as recipes, product reviews, and videos in this same way. Hummingbird helps the search algorithm better understand natural language bringing more relevant search results. By incorporating websites with rich snippets, you make sure that your pages are being highlighted in relevant searches.

While microdata and the documentation are in English as long as you follow the rules, you can use the schema in any language. This is helpful when others use Google to search in their native language. Visitors do not see the microdata markup, so it does not change the way the website is presented.


Microdata also help you to easily provide more information about your company. By using the correct microdata markup information such as the name of the company, the logo, the telephone number, and web address as well as the other pertinent information is incorporated into the website. The microdata make it easy to search for the information, which in turn creates better marketing for your website. This makes the website more user friendly as the person searching can find all of the information in one place.

Having a niche website that provides quality content also helps in boosting the search engine rankings. When you incorporate content specific markup schemes for your niche whether it is products or services you are creating a better website. Hummingbird and microdata together improves relevance. Sites such as E-commerce, recipe, job search sites all find more than one benefit from using microdata markup.

When searching Google for information you will notice that the right hand side of the search has data about this information with links to other sites that contain more information. This information comes from Google’s database, the knowledge graph, which contains more than a billion concepts and interrelationships. Using the correct microdata markup you are ensuring that your website is in this database and available to searchers more quickly.

With the increase in technology Smartphone, tablet and Google Glass users will be using queries in the form of questions more often. People tend to ask questions when speaking the query instead of saying just the keywords. The algorithm Hummingbird finds long-tail search inquires relevant information a lot faster. Hummingbird makes voice searches straightforward and more efficient.

People who used good quality content to create their website still receive traffic from searches without doing any SEO work on their website. Since the introduction of Hummingbird, if you add rich snippets into your old content you can boost your SEO. Blogging platforms such as WordPress make this easy for you to do. WordPress, which is the most popular blogging platform available, provides plugins that will make adding microdata to your website very easy.

Once you have added the microdata markup to your web page, you should test the pages. By testing the pages, you will know whether the markup was properly added to your website. If you have a large website, a mistake is inevitable and testing it helps you to find all of the mistakes before you publish the site on the internet. Google provides a tool for you test your website. This tool is the Structured Data Testing Tool is part of Google Webmaster Tools. With this tool, you can view all of the microdata objects that are in your webpage. It will also tell you if you need to add or remove any information.

With the advent of not only Google’s algorithm updates but also with microdata, SEO is becoming more complex. If you update your website with quality content regularly, you have nothing to worry about. Yet if you properly incorporate Schema.org markup into your content you may be able to help boost your websites search rankings creating more visitors to your website.

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