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Markup HTML 5 schema

A recent announcement from Google indicates that brands now have the ability to use a preferred logo using schema.

As such, a preferred image can be used within the Google knowledge graph due to the data’s suggestions. Information pertinent to the user’s search query is usually displayed to the right of the search result’s page, eliminating the need for users to visit the listings within search results. markup, an enhanced markup language, ensures that brands can take advantage of this logo identification method to more adequately summarize content on their website to search engines.

The required code, adding itemprop= »logo » to the logo images tag, is a fairly straightforward step and does not require any specific knowledge. On occasion the data may be included within the search engine listings. However, Google, for the foreseeable future at least, intends to show this information, the results of the Knowledge Graph, to the right.

The data contained within the new Knowledge Graph results, supports the theory that Google may expand the information contained within the Graph. For branding reasons, the displayed image may prove beneficial.

Logo inclusion within the graph, the logo markup, permits brands to have an element of control when it comes to further search listings, and will proffer other popular, related searches further down the page. Competitors, however, may also be referenced within the Knowledge Graph.

Any recent logo change will be contained within Google’s Knowledge Graph, ensuring searchers are informed about the re-branding. Similarly, in the event of a name change, the new logo can be linked to a brand’s former name, ensuring that visitors can make the connection, thus aiding any efforts to re-brand.

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