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Is Google Page Rank Still A Good Metric In SEO?

As the most-visited page on the entire World Wide Web, Google certainly knows something about the popularity of online sites. Their means of studying and analyzing the rankings and visitor rate of online pages is Google Page Rank, a tool that allows any person to get information on how often they receive traffic on their site. With the number of new innovations and add-on page ranking tools, however, a question has arisen: is Google Page Rank still a good metric in SEO? Search engine optimization relies upon the most up-to-date statistics for proper categorization and reaction, making it crucial that you are using the best metric possible for your site.

When thinking about the difficulty of SEO, is it best that you have a page that gains frequent visitors or higher click rates? Is Google Page Rank still a good metric in SEO for its statistical tracking, or does it lack the versatility needed for understanding when and why visitors choose to click on your advertisements? Page Rank is helpful in that it is an absolute indicator of popularity and drawing strength, but the degree to which the site is effective (or ineffective) is left up to the user to interpret. As such, Page Rank has become less and less practical for some SEO developers. If you have a ranking of seven while another page has a ranking of six, is yours automatically better? Not necessarily.

The drawbacks that make people question page rank involve the limitations of time. Is Google Page Rank still a good metric in SEO if they have not updated the statistics on your page in months? The Google algorithm is monitoring trillions of web pages, making it impossible to get consistent real-time data on your SEO needs. If you update your page with SEO-unfriendly information, decreasing keyword count and limiting the new content, it could nevertheless retain the same Google page rank for a long time, making it seem like it was a positive influence. Imagine if someone changed your page without you knowing: until Google updates their ranking, you would never know about the negative impact!

Other page metrics are replacing PR. When thinking about your page, is Google Page Rank still a good metric in SEO for you when it does not indicate domain authority? SEOmoz, Domain Trust Tool, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and site indexing may all be more practical for your needs. These tools will update information on site age, inbound and outbound links, average time of visitation, click rates, and optimal locations. The best SEO content no longer requires Google Page Rank‘s dominion.

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