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How Google Plus Optimization Is Changing SEO

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(SEO) has become a driving force in e-commerce. However, the rising popularity of social media in the last few years has altered the digital terrain. Google Plus Optimization offers Internet entrepreneurs the chance to combine these two phenomena profitably.

Old-Fashioned SEO

Up until recently, a great number of people have earned money on the Internet relying solely on SEO tactics. Usually, this involved the creation of websites focused on particular keywords. Website designers crafted the language on their pages to earn high rankings on search results and drive traffic to those pages. They could rely on this method because such a high amount of activity on the Internet was search-related.

The Advent of Social Media

As the last decade waned, social media gained a new dominance in people’s web activities. Such sites had existed almost since the beginning of the Internet but newer features and applications on these sites made them the primary, and sometimes sole, destination for many users. A new platform and method for earning money on the Internet was born.

Such sites have allowed users to make the web a more personalized environment. For many, it has also narrowed their experience in a way that SEO champions found frustrating. Increasingly, people were going straight to their favorite social media sites and spending most of their time there. Google has recently developed a new way for SEO marketers to reach these users.

Google’s New Optimization

The proper term for this new way to optimize webpages is known as social media optimization, or SMO instead of SEO. Google Plus Optimization offers a tailored method for reaching people that use integrated features such as Google Groups and Google Sites. Instead of focusing on backlinks, which were frequently unearned by site owners using SEO tactics, this new method relies heavily on Google’s +1. Since this search engine is so popular, optimizers have no choice but to seek out those Google-style approvals if they want to rank high on searches for their targeted keywords.

Google Search Plus Your World

This is really another step in the evolution of social media and the Internet as a whole. Using Google’s newest search method, the experiences and opinions of your friends begin to tailor your own searches. The old SEO rules have to be reconfigured to adapt to this online experience that is less exposed to broad searches and more focused on communities and their opinions.

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    You are quite right. In last few years (specially after the Facebook had started to take the leading position) the market of Internet marketing have changed significantly. Moreover after the launch of Google plus in the market, it has become very much evident that internet marketing is moving more towards SMO and Social media. Although the traditional SEO will remain but its importance will be shared by SMO.

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