Why Google+ and Facebook are Sworn Enemies

Google is just as well known as Facebook is. However, the former is best known as a search engine giant while the latter is one of the leading social networks. Google’s first foray into social networking involved setting up Google Buzz and automatically making everyone who uses Gmail a Buzz user. This effort flopped spectacularly; however, the company is trying again with Google+.

Google+ is a direct competitor to Facebook, even though Google will not come out and say so. Both are vying for the same main target audience – people who enjoy spending time on a social network. Both are also competing to gain businesses that are looking to connect with the general public in a relaxing atmosphere and gain more visibility online.

Google+ is starting out slow, but that does not mean that Facebook has no reason to worry. While Google+ has only twenty million members and Facebook has about 750 million, Google+ has about a billion shares a day. This is roughly as many shares as Facebook has, despite the fact that Facebook has hundreds of millions more members than Google. This means that people are not only signing up to Google+ but are actively using it. Considering that Google+ has only rolled out a couple of weeks ago and Facebook was set up many years ago, it is not hard to see why Facebook is counting Google+ as a sworn enemy.

Only time will tell how things will turn out. Facebook is one of the leading social networks and it is not likely to fall apart any time soon. Facebook is run by enterprising, innovative people who are improving the site and providing more widgets, apps and user friendly options. However, Google has apparently learned from its past mistakes, done a fair bit of research and created a social network site that is gaining in popularity.

As things stand now, Google+ and Facebook are at war, despite the fact that both social network sites do have a fair bit in common. Both sites have groups of friends, even though Google+ allows friends to be classified in groups. Both sites allow photo and video sharing and provide sharing buttons. However, both sites are vying for the same groups of people – individuals who enjoy having a personal social network sites and companies that are trying to connect with people in the social networking world. These two social networks are therefore sworn enemies competing with each other for the same target audiences.

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