Edgerank: Three Simple Tips to Give Your Facebook Marketing an Edge

Attracting even more Canadian traffic than Google does, Facebook allows you to connect intimately with one of the Web’s vastest audiences. Interact directly with users by creating a Page for your brand. If you haven’t already established a Facebook Page for your brand, doing so is a critical step to enhancing your marketing efforts. However, even if you already have established a Facebook Page, you need to make sure that people who have « Liked » your page remain informed about updates you make to your brand’s page. That’s where Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm comes in.

Because such a huge amount of data is produced every second on Facebook, Edgerank acts as a filter, deciding which information is most pertinent to each user. If Edgerank assigns a high rating to your status updates and other shared content, then your content is more likely to be displayed on your fans’ news feeds. However, if Edgerank assigns a low ranking, fans are unlikely to be exposed to your updates.

Now you might be wondering, « How can I improve the Edgerank of my status updates? » Three simple tips can help you optimize the content you post to Facebook so that Edgerank rates it highly:

1. Post links, photos, and videos, not just text. Web users are multimedia consumers, not just readers. Grab their attention with multimedia updates to your Page. Facebook assigns more « edge weight » to links and media than it does to plain text status updates.

2. Encourage interaction. Post questions, polls, and other status updates so that your fans will have something to say.

3. Encourage fans to share content on your Facebook page with other users. Edgerank measures users’ engagement with your content. The more widely your content spreads, the higher your Edgerank will rise.

4. Post often! New content quickly crowds out old. Keep pace with all the other content providers competing for space on your fans’ news feeds.

These tips exploit the fact that Facebook assigns Edgerank based on a few specific criteria: how recent your content is, the edge weight of your content, and fans’ affinity for your brand. « Affinity » refers to the amount of time a particular fan spends looking at your Page, your photos, etc. The more time a fan spends on your Page, the more often content from your Page will be displayed on the fan’s news feed. Frequently posting relevant content will foster user affinity.

Sharpen your edge over your competitors; follow these simple tips to take advantage of Edgerank and win space on users’ news feeds.

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