Responsive Design Opens Mobile Windows For Search Engine Optimization

The world of electronic communications contains a wide variety of ways to gain information from the Internet. Access to the Internet comes in the form of tablets, phones and many other devices. For the web designer, who wants their web page handy to this large and growing market, many new challenges have arisen. One of which is removing the obstacles created by the wide variety of electronics to search engine optimization. Another factor in people’s choices in what they are willing to view is if a web page loads slowly and cannot be seen on different sizes and types of screens. The page has the potential of losing a large share of the Internet audience. Responsive design is a trend for creating the type of flexibility the modern day web page needs and a means to increase the ranking of the page. A seo consultant will soon discover how important a tool responsive design is to the popularity and accessibility to their client’s web page.

In the past, web pages were designed with fixed widths and sizes. Cascading style sheets help loosen up the appearance of the web pages. They are a design language that controls the feel and look of web page. Responsive design uses rules written into cascading style sheets to create a more fluid response to the devices being used for viewing of the web site. These rules govern the appearance of the web page, based on the visitor’s needs and are not fixed. The cascading style sheets were originally used for color, font and other design factors to determine the design. With responsive design in the mix, the width of the user’s screen can now allow the user’s browser to determine how the page is displayed. The gift of this technique is the designer has the flexibility in addressing the wide variety of browsers and screen sizes without writing a lot of extra code. One of the ways this is done is the use of media queries where the device is queried about its details. A grid can be used to help design the look of the page. This allows the size of headers and pictures to be more fluid because the sizes and placement of text, pictures, and headers is determined by percentages and ratios. This technique does not mean the designer can ignore good design principles. Good design still means leaving out the nonessential and keeping the amount of data required to transfer the page down to a minimum.

In the past, designers had to create separate web pages for mobile phones, desk top computers and other electronic devices. The effective seo consultant knows how important it is for the web page to have a certain fluidity to meet the growing needs of the mobile market. One of the considerations is how search engine optimization is often determined by sharing in social media and the links from page to page. With responsive design the seo consultant can help the owner of the page bring together the separate needs of the mobile versus stationary internet viewer and help concentrate the buildup of the ranking. Other problems often seen have to do with the search engine viewing the two separate pages as duplicate content. There is a canonical tag web masters use to help determine which is the original page but not all search engines read this tag. If the page is considered a duplicate it loses its authority and is rated lower and less likely to be viewed. The seo consultant must also consider the fact that people will recommend a web site when the information is relative to their needs and easy to down load on their devices. If the page displays correctly, the user will more than likely be willing to return to the site in the future.

Responsive design helps increase search engine optimization. The seo consultant gains a lot by being aware of the importance of this new trend in web design. This type of design creates flexibility by establishing malleable points of appearance based on the viewer’s device. While in comparison, the more traditional fixed points were often too large for a small portable screen or too small for larger screens of stationary computers. The advantages of having the mobile version and the desk top version in one flexible format makes management of the search engine optimization much easier and beneficial. The number of people viewing the web page will increase if content of the page can be viewed easily on more than one type of device.

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