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Guest blogging can be quite conducive when it comes to extending the market reach of a business, building brand awareness and boosting an entrepreneur’s credibility. When done regularly, this blogging can assist boost credibility through a stronger online presence and an expanded audience base. It can also lead to additional leverage in SEO & link building together with increased authority in topics related industries.

Guest blogging provides a win-win situation for all parties involved.

However, poorly executed guest blogs can have a negative effect on a business owner’s online reputation. Mastering guest blogging techniques is one thing marketers and content writers should be attentive to. It boosts credibility only when done efficiently and productively. To make sure that a guest post made on a blog actually aids credibility building, the tips below should be followed:

Choose Where to Post Carefully

A blogger should bear in mind that he or she wants followers of the blog where they send guest posts to follow back too. Selecting a popular blog will help someone come across high quality audience. The importance of doing extensive research in such an area cannot be emphasized. Research will help a blogger find the most popular blogs in their target industry. Most top bloggers refuse guest blogging, while those who do set up strict guidelines for their terms and conditions. One should research to find out the top bloggers that accept posts from guests and what is stated in their terms and conditions. It is possible to also find some less famous bloggers with a highly decorated audience who take guest posts.

Analyze the Blog

Once someone has decided the blog they want to guest post on, it helps to understand dynamics of its target audience. He or she should go through the feedback and comments posted by the blog’s followers to test their level of engagement. One can also choose a small more-engaged audience over a larger quiet group. Audience that is engaged provides feedback, share more frequently while commenting enthusiastically. How often blogs are posted should also be known. Every day posts can stuff a blog, making followers pay less attention to new guest posts. Blogs that update new posts several times a week can reduce internal competition thus allowing more exposure.

Establish Contact with the Blogger

Top bloggers receive hundreds of requests every day. Mastering a sale pitch will ensure that all research done does not go to waste. A blogger should maintain a well written portfolio that does the selling for them. They should List similar work they have done and not forget to mention their credentials. Send out a personalized email with a short, straightforward subject line.

One can talk to the blog owner about their previous posts, things that appealed to them, things that were found useful and project themselves as regular followers of the blog. If they have a topic in mind, they can tell the blogger how such a topic would appeal to followers. If there is no topic in mind, one can show interest in writing guest posts, asking the preferred themes. Always make a fleeting mention of credentials. Overdoing it is not good, but one needs to convince the blogger that knowledge of the topic stems from their relation to the industry. Make an offer while talking about links and terms and conditions.

Nail the Post

After all the pitching and research, all that remains is submitting a winner guest post. Content should be kept informative, unique, & interesting. Use of well-fashioned humor, trending subjects and puns can keep the audience engaged. Crafting a catchy title is advised, while Use of relevant images increases one’s credibility and reputation as a guest blogger.

Being selfish is not good, while blatantly selling ones’ own business within the guest blog is unacceptable. The only selling to be done while guest blogging is inclusion of an attractive and well-written author biography. A biography should reflect one’s area of expertise. Once a post gets posted on a blog, the blogger can keep a track of its performance by checking how many followers read the blog or leave comments.

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  1. Guest blogging indeed will help you increase your credibility. These are some great tips but choosing where the post carefully I believe is the most important out of all the tips you shared. This is where you really solidify the foundation of the guest post. You definitely want to do a guest post where there are a lot of comments and interaction going on. Blogs that have a small readership but yet more engagement have way more clout than those who have a lot of readers and very little to no engagement. When you have a great quality audience, you have a better choose of your credibility shooting to the roof! Thanks for sharing!

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