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Enhancing Your Mobile Site Search Options And Interactions

Mobile Search on a Iphone

For all types of businesses, mobile searches are becoming very important. The quarterly and latest report of RKG noted that in the 2nd quarter of the year, more than one-fourth of the traffic from paid and organic search were from tablets and smartphones, and this is not just from the domestic markets only. In India and China for instance, mobile searches have surpassed or overtaken desktop/PC searches, which means a marketer may need to use a mobile platform/tool to get to such targets.

Non-Optimized Mobile Sites
Recently Google made an announcement on the changes to its search algorithms which penalize the sites that are not optimized and set up for mobile traffic. Some of what Google will be looking for include faulty redirects, un-playable videos, URLs that lead to error pages, slow loading pages and irrelevant cross-links. It is therefore important for your content to be accessible and visible to mobile devices/users.

In addition to optimizing your site, you will need to also make your site navigation easy and quick too. Microsoft reported that about 70% of desktop PCs ‘query chains’ were generally completed within a week. However, 70% of users on mobile devices will usually complete their tasks within an hour. Most mobile users would often look for what they want/need at the very point in time that they may need them.

Make Your Site Easy To Search
In order to help your mobile visitors to get/find what they need, you may use a site search box on your website. Mobile users may generally not wish to go through a lot of product displays and/or pages to get what they need/want, hence a site search option can be handy and may lead to more conversions too. It is therefore important for each business to use a search box on their sites in order to maximize their performances/results.

The following tips can help you to provide an effective search option on your website:

Use Your Search Box Prominently
You should put your search box where your visitors can readily see it. It should be clearly labeled and prominently placed at the topmost part/section of your home page and on other pages too.

Auto Complete
An Auto Complete feature can provide your visitors with some suggestions that would make it a lot more easier for them to find/get what they need. You may also use the Auto Suggest option/feature that can provide some suggestions for alternative items/products based on what your users may have already viewed. A chain, Deb Shops had a 20% increase in the number of products that were added to its users shopping carts through a similar feature.

Infinite Scrolling
Another way for you to reduce the amount of clicking or typing that your visitors may need to do on your website is to implement an infinite scrolling feature, which may increase your web pages’ loading speeds and your website ease of use. An infinite scrolling feature allows more results to be loaded automatically when a visitor gets to the end of a search result page.

Provide Some Localized Information And/Or Products
A lot of mobile searches are local which means users will generally be looking for the products/services they can get in or around their areas, current positions or locations. The current position/location of a mobile device user can be determined through the user’s device GPS facilities.

Do Some Promotions
You may add a keyword-based banner on top of your search results, this can help in emphasizing/highlighting your promotions while your visitors are searching for products that are on sale. It would provide you with more opportunities to promote your products and provide your visitors with some deals.

As the number of mobile users increases, businesses will generally need to ensure that their mobile websites are easy and quick to navigate or use. What are your suggestions for making a website more mobile friendly?

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