How to clean up your PPC accounts for 2014

In your endeavor to attract and direct traffic to your website last year, you must have tried out many strategies in your PPC campaign. As a new year begins, it is important to retire older, linger strategies, which may have an adverse effect on the long term effectiveness and performance of your search engine account. This is the perfect time to review, clean up, and synchronize your campaigns in order to remove stress and clutter, and to keep your accounts in perfect working order.

In the first moving world of PPC, many alterations are necessary in the campaigns in order to take full advantage of different marketing situations. It is possible to miss such alterations, especially when many people work on a single account. When cleaning up your PPC accounts, it is important to double check and identify such remnant changes.

Various situations necessitate the alteration of the PPC campaigns. One such situation is when you alter your ad scheduling in order to take full advantage of the peak traffic seasons, such as the Christmas season. It is important to correct any such alterations and restore your account to its pre-existing settings.

Ad testing also requires PPC alterations in order to gauge the effectiveness of each scenario. Continuous testing is necessary in order to identify and pick the most effective campaign; however, some of those alterations and changes may escape notice as the year progresses. You should get rid of such lingering, retired messaging in order to begin the new year on a clean slate.

The previous year saw the launch of AdWords enhanced campaigns, which meant that any campaign that had not migrated by July 22, was upgraded automatically, whether the account holder wanted to or not. After the launch of enhanced campaigns, certain advertisers gambled on which bid modifiers would work better for them. Now is the time to analyze the historical data in order to settle on the best bid adjustment.

The Ultimate List to Help You Clean Up Your Old PPC Strategies

1. Audience lists
You should ensure that your audience lists are targeting the right people, and that you include anyone you may have previously excluded. You should also check and analyze any alterations or changes to your audience lists.

2. Mobile campaign
When it comes to mobile bid modifiers, many advertisers did not have a working strategy in their new enhanced campaigns. This is the time to evaluate and optimize your mobile strategy in order to ensure that your bid modifiers meet your organization’s objectives, after switching to enhanced campaigns.

3. Search partner network
Apart from turning your search pattern on and off in AdWords, you cannot do much else; however, you should ensure that performance is at the optimal level. Bing, on the other hand, provides more capabilities for their search partner network and you should remember to analyze here when performing a PPC account cleanup.

4. Google Display network
As you clean up your Google display network campaigns, you should remember to check and update your device settings, analyze all placements, and evaluate the target and bind, and bind only settings that have a big impact on your GDN campaigns.

5. Ads rotation and delivery
When most people clean up or update their PPC accounts, they normally overlook the ad rotation and delivery settings. As you clean out your ad campaigns this year, set your delivery status as accelerated, in order to enjoy better control. In terms of ad rotation, you have a choice of three options; namely, optimized for clicks, optimized for conversions, and evenly rotate.

6. Ads scheduling
Advertisers adjust their ad scheduling in order to improve performance, as search patterns shift from time to time. When cleaning out your PPC accounts, it is vital to consider whether the ad scheduling adjustments are still valid. Many people are ignorant of why their ad scheduling is set up for certain times and days. For the new year, schedule your ad campaign to the times when you are likely to make the most impact for each advertising dollar. The scheduling should reach potential clients during times or days when they are likely to react favorably to AdWords traffic.

7. Ads copy
Experienced PPC managers perform extensive ad testing that involves thousands of alterations throughout the year. When cleaning up your PPC accounts, you should review all your active ads in order to identify and eliminate lingering, retired messaging. In addition to this, an examination of all destination URLs is necessary in order to make sure that all are correct and active.

8. Landing pages
Large scale PPC accounts contain many retired pages that should not be active. This is especially common when clients use keyword level URLs. When cleaning up your PPC accounts, you should review, identify and clean up any redundant landing pages.

9. URL parameter and tracking
A simple character error in a URL parameter can void your PPC campaign tracking ability and render all statistics inaccurate. Anyone experienced in running a PPC campaign is aware of the importance of accurate URL parameters. If you are not using auto tagging in AdWords, a detailed review of your tracking parameters is necessary when conducting a cleanup of your PPC accounts.

10. Language setting
If you limit your targeting by using default English settings for all your ad campaigns, you may miss many potential impressions. As the new year begins, think about taking advantage of different language targeting techniques in order to reach a larger market segment and boost traffic to your website.

11. Shared negative keyword list and budget
It is possible to share s budget between several PPC campaigns in AdWords. During the accounts cleanup process, you should analyze the daily budget and make sure that it covers the right campaigns, and that the amount allocated is correct. In terms of shared negative keyword lists across different campaigns, it is important to make sure that you target the negative lists to the appropriate campaigns.

12. Geographic targeting and bid modifiers
If you did not update your geographic targeting for 2014, you should. By using creativity in your targeting methodology, you will enjoy better return on investment. You should consider the last time you analyzed the AOV by region within your analytics, review, and adjust your strategy in order to implement the best geo—targeting. You can choose between different geotargeting ways, or mix and match them to come up with the best strategy. Some of the geo-targeting strategies you can choose for the new year include location extension targeting, designated market area, radius around a point, ZIP code, and city, state, country, or region.

13. Automated bid rules
Reviewing the automated bid rules is one of the most important steps when conducting a PPC accounts cleanup. The role of automated bid rules is to neutralize a short term problem affecting an account, or to test a campaign. Should you find any existing rules, you should determine that they are valid and working as expected.

14. Ad extensions, Product Listings Ads
You should make sure that all seasonal focused or offer related site links in your PPC accounts are accurate. You should also review and update your product listing ads within AdWords.

Follow this checklist in order to update and optimize your paid search accounts and enjoy maximum return on investment.

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