The Value Of Dublin Core Metadata In The Future

Dublin core - microdata

The power of metadata has been thoroughly abused by many websites; before search engines began sifting through tags, metadata was often filled with unhelpful and irrelevant tags in an attempt to bolster search engine results for the website. Currently, keywords within meta tags must also appear in other places like the title and the page’s content for search engines to consider the tags valid. Past abuse has caused an organization to start preparing a standard for meta tags. Known as Dublin Core metadata, this standard will build a way for search engines to begin relying …

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Rédacteur web ou logiciel de spinnage ?

Parce que les textes ont un fort impact sur le SEO, des outils permettant de créer très rapidement beaucoup de contenus ont vu le jour il y a déjà un certain temps : ce sont les logiciels de spinnage. A l’époque où la quantité de contenu avait son importance, ces logiciels étaient la mine d’or du SEO. Aujourd’hui, ils sont encore considérés par certains comme un outil très efficace, mais pour ceux qui ont suivi l’actualité SEO, ils ne sont plus que de la poudre aux yeux! Et depuis l’arrivée de Google Panda, la poudre …

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Knowing What’s The Difference Between Blackhat SEO And Whitehat SEO

Making sure a website is visible and accessible to potential viewers is increasingly important. The use of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most prevalent tools of the trade. Search engines have guidelines as to what methods should be used in order optimize a website. Good practices are referred to as whitehat SEO. However, there are some more shady methods out there, often referred to as blackhat SEO. Knowing what’s the difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO can make a huge difference in the survivability of a website and its appeal …

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The reason why to Choose White-Hat SEO

Seo is really a process that is used to generate website traffic such that you could have a tremendous amount of customers in your hand at the same time. This will generate a substantial amount of profit. While seeing a lot of competitors, ethical and unethical both ways are widely used to build your web-site become search friendly and get listed in the top ranked pages. Technically, they are considered to be white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO techniques. No doubt that white-hat SEO tactics are legal, reliable and definately will work successfully. It is harmful …

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