SEMrush : un outil SEO pour l’analyse et la comparaison de nombreuses données

Parmi les sites web qui proposent l’étude de votre site pour mieux situer sa pertinence dans les SERPs, en voici un particulièrement intéressant… Description du tableau de bord SEMRush En arrivant sur la page d’accueil, vous êtes invité à indiquer l’URL que vous souhaitez étudier : apparaît ensuite un tableau de bord à la fois riche et très lisible. En un seul coup d’œil, vous accédez à quelques précieuses informations : • estimations de la densité du trafic, de sa valeur… • graphique représentant le trafic organique (provenant des moteurs de recherche) • les principaux …

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SEO Tool review – Search Engine Optimization best web based paid tool

Whether you are an experienced internet marketer or you are attempting to market your first business, you may have heard the buzz around the new program SEMRush. The latest SEO tool from the makers of SEOQuake, this program is being lauded as a major breakthrough in keyword analysis and SEO technology. That said, it is only prudent to be skeptical when a product’s buzz seems too good to be true. Trendy SEO tools have a history of falling short of expectations. This review will examine SEMRush to see if it lives up to the hype …

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Use The Right Google SEO Strategy For Your Website

Google is sometimes called the God of search engines, and webmasters cower in fear of Google as they try to do the things that will please it. If you break any of the rules of Google. SEO, you will be subject to its wrath and displeasure. The punishment can be anything like being thrown out of the kingdom of good placement in the SERPs to banishment in the hell of having no presence in the searches at all. What are some of the ways that a website might displease Google? Let us know them so …

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The Value Of Dublin Core Metadata In The Future

Dublin core - microdata

The power of metadata has been thoroughly abused by many websites; before search engines began sifting through tags, metadata was often filled with unhelpful and irrelevant tags in an attempt to bolster search engine results for the website. Currently, keywords within meta tags must also appear in other places like the title and the page’s content for search engines to consider the tags valid. Past abuse has caused an organization to start preparing a standard for meta tags. Known as Dublin Core metadata, this standard will build a way for search engines to begin relying …

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