Traffic Curation Done Correctly


Many have heard of the method of acquiring for your site unique content, which is known as content curation. Fresh content, particularly when it is written with authority, can be a great lift for your website. Also important is traffic curation, only however when it brings readers that you convert to customers. The following methods, when executed properly, can truly achieve terrific results. Twitter Twitter is most likely the foremost social media site attracting traffic to your site. There are some that may disagree, but on a regular basis it usually outperforms the others. To …

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Tips For Multilingual Video SEO


It’s a popular ‘fact’ that YouTube is known as the second most important search engine. But if you’ll use the search engine’s standard definition as an online system that can crawl on every murky corner of the Internet to get your need information, this isn’t precisely true. YouTube’s integrated search function only searches itself. The fact that only Google’s search box receives more queries shows how important channels like YouTube can be. Here are some vital statistics. YouTube has more than a billion unique user visits each month. Over six billion hours of video are …

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Link Building Tactics

The 80-20 rule is a way to focus on the tasks that get the most results while requiring the least amount of effort. That is the Pareto Principle and I have been practicing it since the beginning of the year. The rule applies to link building as well as other online endeavors and marketing overall. Dan Shure explained this very well recently in a blog post. It involves allocating most of your time to put processes into effect that will maximize your efforts to realize the best results possible. Following is Dan’s advice to people …

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