SEO And Search Engines: The War, So Far… part2

SEO part 2

In September of 1998, without herald, an infant named Alpha Google was born. Google quickly set a course of speedy, steady growth. In 1998, search engines did not seem threatened by Google. The older search engines were finding their way to a more secure footing with a « tenure system » of sorts; a respect for the age of a website entered the algorithm, along with an acknowledgement of its popularity. Search engines, tired of being sent back to the drawing board by search engine optimisation, implemented a strategy to ignore websites offering SEO, or even mentioning …

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What Every Webmaster Should Know About Search Engine Optimization

SEO supremacy

A website must have good search engine optimization or it will get lost in the morass of the millions of websites and blogs online. Some aspects of SEO are quite simple while others are complex and hard to comprehend. Many businesses that depend on internet traffic for their income turn to SEO agencies to handle the optimization of the website. However, there are many aspects of SEO that can be handled on an individual level, without needing to hire a professional. There are two main types of SEO. These are on page SEO and off …

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SEO And Search Engines: The War, So Far… part 1

The history of search engine optimisation (SEO) is a record of the growing sophistication of SEO strategies employed in the battle between search engines and websites. In the early days of the web, the perpetual SEO one-upmanship was not an obvious eventuality. Back then, the mutual dependency of search engines and websites was no different than it is today, and the best way to serve complimentary interests is through cooperation. Yet, the adversarial nature of SEO did not abate until Google emerged and annexed power from the scattered search engine principalities, consolidating a Google kingdom. …

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What Is Alexa Rank?

If you have ever heard about information technology workers talk about Internet exposure or the metric for measuring the popularity of online pages, you may have heard of the Alexa Top 500 Global Sites. This is a simple tool that has been extremely useful for advertisers and networking bodies to ensure their material is being seen by as many Internet users as possible. What is Alexa rank? It is a simple algorithm that tracks the frequency of the top Internet websites and provides the information on risers, fallers, and those who stay strong in the …

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