An Overview Of Google + And What It Has To Offer

Google + is taking the world of social media networking by storm. Google’s CEO Larry Page has announced that since it was released just a few weeks ago, it has already garnered millions of users online. The question is, just what is Google +, what does it offer and what makes it different from Facebook and Twitter, the two main players in the social network world? Google + vs. Facebook Google + was created as a direct competitor to Facebook. While there are some similarities between the two social networking sites, there are also various …

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Is Google Page Rank Still A Good Metric In SEO?

As the most-visited page on the entire World Wide Web, Google certainly knows something about the popularity of online sites. Their means of studying and analyzing the rankings and visitor rate of online pages is Google Page Rank, a tool that allows any person to get information on how often they receive traffic on their site. With the number of new innovations and add-on page ranking tools, however, a question has arisen: is Google Page Rank still a good metric in SEO? Search engine optimization relies upon the most up-to-date statistics for proper categorization and …

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La dernière mise à jour importante de Google : FARMER aka Panda

Le 23 février 2011, Google annonça une mise à jour majeure touchant plus de 12 % des requêtes sur Google farmer Update ou aussi connu sous le nom de Panda Update. Ce changement d’algorithme est dédié aux fermes de contenu, aux sites en manques d’inspiration qui ne font que reprendre le contenu d’autres sites créant ainsi beaucoup de contenu dupliqué « duplicate content » et n’étant pas très utile aux internautes! Fidèle à lui-même Google indique toujours de façon très vague les critères qui font qu’un site est considéré comme ferme de contenu! Voici …

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