Use The Right Google SEO Strategy For Your Website

Google is sometimes called the God of search engines, and webmasters cower in fear of Google as they try to do the things that will please it. If you break any of the rules of Google. SEO, you will be subject to its wrath and displeasure. The punishment can be anything like being thrown out of the kingdom of good placement in the SERPs to banishment in the hell of having no presence in the searches at all. What are some of the ways that a website might displease Google? Let us know them so …

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Google Search Plus Your World : fonctions et impact sur le SEO

Il s’agit là d’une autre petite révolution à l’initiative de Google : intégrer les données de vos contacts Google + dans les résultats de moteurs de recherche. Fonctions de Google Search, Plus Your World A savoir que cet outil n’existe pour l’instant qu’en version anglaise : nul doute qu’il viendra conquérir les pages francophones à un moment ou un autre. Google Search, Plus Your World intervient donc sur la page des recherches Google : désormais des boutons permettent de sélectionner soit le mode habituel de recherche, soit le mode « social » si l’on peut l’appeler ainsi. …

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How Google Plus Optimization Is Changing SEO

SEO Logo in Earth

(SEO) has become a driving force in e-commerce. However, the rising popularity of social media in the last few years has altered the digital terrain. Google Plus Optimization offers Internet entrepreneurs the chance to combine these two phenomena profitably. Old-Fashioned SEO Up until recently, a great number of people have earned money on the Internet relying solely on SEO tactics. Usually, this involved the creation of websites focused on particular keywords. Website designers crafted the language on their pages to earn high rankings on search results and drive traffic to those pages. They could rely …

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Why Google+ and Facebook are Sworn Enemies

Google is just as well known as Facebook is. However, the former is best known as a search engine giant while the latter is one of the leading social networks. Google’s first foray into social networking involved setting up Google Buzz and automatically making everyone who uses Gmail a Buzz user. This effort flopped spectacularly; however, the company is trying again with Google+. Google+ is a direct competitor to Facebook, even though Google will not come out and say so. Both are vying for the same main target audience – people who enjoy spending time …

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