How to replace existing Facebook Page with new iFrame template

Facebook Fan Page in new iFrame It’s not like those fan page templates you were using right now. They have gone obsolete! Facebook has on 11th March (3 days back), deprecated FBML and that means we can no longer use FBML to build our fan pages. It also means we need to either learn up the new iFrame framework, or get some nice iFrame templates to replace our existing ones! [ad#FBMaxed] Basically, I am all too old to learn the new iFrame. I need an URGENT replacement to my existing fan pages! I also need …

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What’s Going on with Facebook Marketing Right Now?

What’s Going on with Facebook Marketing Right Now? Facebook marketing is the new trend that is sweeping the world right now. With morethan half a billion active users of this website, it has become more than just a social networking website. Today, this is an entire market that online entrepreneurs are tapping into for seeking their business profits. However, even within the arena of Facebook marketing, there has been a sea of change recently. People are using newer and different methods of bringing their products out into the open through this social networking portal, and …

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