Paramétrer la Timeline Facebook

Timeline Facebook

Facebook améliore l’image de votre profils avec sa Timeline, encore appelée Journal. Concrètement qu’est-ce qui change et comment paramétrer pour une apparence impeccable et une sécurité optimale? Les évolutions de votre profil Facebook avec Timeline Cette nouvelle interface permet entre autres de donner accès à tous les éléments du profil en un seul coup d’oeil. Ainsi lorsque vous retrouverez votre vieux copain de l’école primaire, en visionnant une seule page vous savez où il vit, son métier, s’il est marié, et la tête qu’il a! L’aperçu est donc global et franchement sympa. En revanche, lorsque …

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Edgerank: Three Simple Tips to Give Your Facebook Marketing an Edge

Edgerank Facebook

Attracting even more Canadian traffic than Google does, Facebook allows you to connect intimately with one of the Web’s vastest audiences. Interact directly with users by creating a Page for your brand. If you haven’t already established a Facebook Page for your brand, doing so is a critical step to enhancing your marketing efforts. However, even if you already have established a Facebook Page, you need to make sure that people who have « Liked » your page remain informed about updates you make to your brand’s page. That’s where Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm comes in. Because such …

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Why Google+ and Facebook are Sworn Enemies

Google is just as well known as Facebook is. However, the former is best known as a search engine giant while the latter is one of the leading social networks. Google’s first foray into social networking involved setting up Google Buzz and automatically making everyone who uses Gmail a Buzz user. This effort flopped spectacularly; however, the company is trying again with Google+. Google+ is a direct competitor to Facebook, even though Google will not come out and say so. Both are vying for the same main target audience – people who enjoy spending time …

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New Trends that Have Redefined Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been around for some time now, and online marketers have long sincerealized the vast potential that it has for promotional purposes. Today, almost everyone has a Facebook profile and they are busy bonding with everyone else for personal and professional reasons. In recent times, however, the professional potential of Facebook has really come out to the fore. Internet entrepreneurs have now become alive to the power of Facebook as a promotional tool and they are not letting any opportunity pass. Facebook allows you to build groups and communities. You can build a Facebook …

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