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Enhancing Your Mobile Site Search Options And Interactions

Mobile Search on a Iphone

For all types of businesses, mobile searches are becoming very important. The quarterly and latest report of RKG noted that in the 2nd quarter of the year, more than one-fourth of the traffic from paid and organic search were from tablets and smartphones, and this is not just from the domestic markets only. In India and China for instance, mobile searches have surpassed or overtaken desktop/PC searches, which means a marketer may need to use a mobile platform/tool to get to such targets. Non-Optimized Mobile Sites Recently Google made an announcement on the changes to …

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Responsive Design Opens Mobile Windows For Search Engine Optimization

The world of electronic communications contains a wide variety of ways to gain information from the Internet. Access to the Internet comes in the form of tablets, phones and many other devices. For the web designer, who wants their web page handy to this large and growing market, many new challenges have arisen. One of which is removing the obstacles created by the wide variety of electronics to search engine optimization. Another factor in people’s choices in what they are willing to view is if a web page loads slowly and cannot be seen on …

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La visibilité numérique ou comment propulser son entreprise en 2013

Si tout le monde a désormais conscience de l’importance cruciale de développer une image positive sur le web pour promouvoir une entreprise, il n’en demeure pas moins difficile de mettre en place une visibilité numérique performante. L’enjeu de la visibilité numérique On en parle beaucoup dans le monde du commerce : de 2008 à 2009, les ventes par internet ont fait un bond de 25% ! En 2013, la notion de visibilité web concerne bien plus que le commerce en ligne : bon nombre d’entreprises font évoluer leurs services pour répondre au phénomène qui s’étend …

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