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Content Marketing & Social Media trends in 2015

2015 trends in marketing and social media

In spite of what people may tell you about SEO in 2015, search engine optimization isn’t on its way out. It is instead, radically changing. There is the constant push from search engines to supply web users with greater value and this has led to increased pressure for website owners and bloggers to create content of the highest quality and to move away from targeted keywords and other outdated SEO methods. SEO trends in 2015 are focused on using natural methods for finding, connecting with and interacting with targeted consumers. To survive in virtual space …

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Content Marketing Strategy – How developing the perfect one

Content marketing concept

Do you feel like you are killing yourself by working too hard with inadequate results that leave your own needs and aspirations on the sidelines? Whether you are in a corporate setting writing for others or in-house writing content for other departments, you can still keep your own content marketing goals on track. You just need to have a plan. Having a plan for your content marketing strategy will get you back on track and empower you to reach your goals for the future. The first thing you need to do is determine your goals. …

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How to clean up your PPC accounts for 2014

PPC strategy

In your endeavor to attract and direct traffic to your website last year, you must have tried out many strategies in your PPC campaign. As a new year begins, it is important to retire older, linger strategies, which may have an adverse effect on the long term effectiveness and performance of your search engine account. This is the perfect time to review, clean up, and synchronize your campaigns in order to remove stress and clutter, and to keep your accounts in perfect working order. In the first moving world of PPC, many alterations are necessary …

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Guest Blogging – How credibility can be effectively boosted by

Guest blogging for blogger

Guest blogging can be quite conducive when it comes to extending the market reach of a business, building brand awareness and boosting an entrepreneur’s credibility. When done regularly, this blogging can assist boost credibility through a stronger online presence and an expanded audience base. It can also lead to additional leverage in SEO & link building together with increased authority in topics related industries. Guest blogging provides a win-win situation for all parties involved. However, poorly executed guest blogs can have a negative effect on a business owner’s online reputation. Mastering guest blogging techniques is …

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