Benoît Arsenault est le fondateur et un stratège web chez simpliciT marketing inc. Passionné de nouvelles technologies, Benoît est toujours à l’affût des nouveautés dans le domaine du SEO et du marketing numérique.

Enhancing Your Mobile Site Search Options And Interactions

Mobile Search on a Iphone

For all types of businesses, mobile searches are becoming very important. The quarterly and latest report of RKG noted that in the 2nd quarter of the year, more than one-fourth of the traffic from paid and organic search were from tablets and smartphones, and this is not just from the domestic markets only. In India and China for instance, mobile searches have surpassed or overtaken desktop/PC searches, which means a marketer may need to use a mobile platform/tool to get to such targets. Non-Optimized Mobile Sites Recently Google made an announcement on the changes to …

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Link Building Tactics

The 80-20 rule is a way to focus on the tasks that get the most results while requiring the least amount of effort. That is the Pareto Principle and I have been practicing it since the beginning of the year. The rule applies to link building as well as other online endeavors and marketing overall. Dan Shure explained this very well recently in a blog post. It involves allocating most of your time to put processes into effect that will maximize your efforts to realize the best results possible. Following is Dan’s advice to people …

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Logo Schema Markup Fully Supported By Google

Markup HTML 5 schema

A recent announcement from Google indicates that brands now have the ability to use a preferred logo using schema. As such, a preferred image can be used within the Google knowledge graph due to the data’s suggestions. Information pertinent to the user’s search query is usually displayed to the right of the search result’s page, eliminating the need for users to visit the listings within search results. markup, an enhanced markup language, ensures that brands can take advantage of this logo identification method to more adequately summarize content on their website to search engines. …

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L’Author Rank : le successeur du PageRank annoncé par Google pour avril 2013

Qu’est-ce que l’Author Rank ? Autrefois, plus le PageRank d’un site était élevé, meilleur était son positionnement. Aujourd’hui, cela n’influe plus sur le classement et il se pourrait bien que Google lui ait trouvé un successeur beaucoup plus significatif dans les mois à venir… En effet, l’Author Rank pourrait permettre de gagner quelques positions grâce à l’évaluation de la qualité des publications de l’auteur du site et sa popularité… Pour cela, le rédacteur doit posséder un compte sur Google + : une manière pour le leader des moteurs de recherche d’attirer du trafic sur son …

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