Benoît Arsenault est le fondateur et un stratège web chez simpliciT marketing inc. Passionné de nouvelles technologies, Benoît est toujours à l’affût des nouveautés dans le domaine du SEO et du marketing numérique.

How to clean up your PPC accounts for 2014

PPC strategy

In your endeavor to attract and direct traffic to your website last year, you must have tried out many strategies in your PPC campaign. As a new year begins, it is important to retire older, linger strategies, which may have an adverse effect on the long term effectiveness and performance of your search engine account. This is the perfect time to review, clean up, and synchronize your campaigns in order to remove stress and clutter, and to keep your accounts in perfect working order. In the first moving world of PPC, many alterations are necessary …

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Tips For Multilingual Video SEO


It’s a popular ‘fact’ that YouTube is known as the second most important search engine. But if you’ll use the search engine’s standard definition as an online system that can crawl on every murky corner of the Internet to get your need information, this isn’t precisely true. YouTube’s integrated search function only searches itself. The fact that only Google’s search box receives more queries shows how important channels like YouTube can be. Here are some vital statistics. YouTube has more than a billion unique user visits each month. Over six billion hours of video are …

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Microdata Helps Create Better Websites

Knowledge Graph from Google

Google Hummingbird, Google’s newest algorithm update is one of the most important up dates in more than ten years. Hummingbird takes websites of poor quality and ranks them very low. Since many people do use long-tail search inquires Google wants to make sure that they find what they are looking for easily. These long-tail inquiries are known as « conversational search » inquires. The newest update makes these « conversational inquiries » which are formatted as a question easy for the user to find. Google has a search database that you can search looking for information. This database is …

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Guest Blogging – How credibility can be effectively boosted by

Guest blogging for blogger

Guest blogging can be quite conducive when it comes to extending the market reach of a business, building brand awareness and boosting an entrepreneur’s credibility. When done regularly, this blogging can assist boost credibility through a stronger online presence and an expanded audience base. It can also lead to additional leverage in SEO & link building together with increased authority in topics related industries. Guest blogging provides a win-win situation for all parties involved. However, poorly executed guest blogs can have a negative effect on a business owner’s online reputation. Mastering guest blogging techniques is …

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