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Think Before You Tweet

Tweet is social

It never ceases to amaze me how many people (mainly professional athletes and celebrities), communicate on social media platforms so carelessly.  I think it’s great that many of these folks are using these channels to connect with their fans and provide glimpses into their professional lives.  However do these folks not realize the power of their words when they reach so many? Take the latest case.  Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets tweets when learned of landing Tim Tebow: We don’t need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville …

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How I Fail At Social Media

Logo - Social Media

Nobody is perfect right?  I’m certainly not, and that is also the case as it pertains to my social media usage and strategies.  I’d like to think I get a few things right of course, but I’m not without my failures and what better way then to parade them out into the open for all to see right?  Some might think I’d be foolish to do so, but part of the reason I think I’ve found the level of success with my blog over the years is by delivering an authentic, transparent voice.  I believe …

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Paramétrer la Timeline Facebook

Timeline Facebook

Facebook améliore l’image de votre profils avec sa Timeline, encore appelée Journal. Concrètement qu’est-ce qui change et comment paramétrer pour une apparence impeccable et une sécurité optimale? Les évolutions de votre profil Facebook avec Timeline Cette nouvelle interface permet entre autres de donner accès à tous les éléments du profil en un seul coup d’oeil. Ainsi lorsque vous retrouverez votre vieux copain de l’école primaire, en visionnant une seule page vous savez où il vit, son métier, s’il est marié, et la tête qu’il a! L’aperçu est donc global et franchement sympa. En revanche, lorsque …

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The Value Of Dublin Core Metadata In The Future

Dublin core - microdata

The power of metadata has been thoroughly abused by many websites; before search engines began sifting through tags, metadata was often filled with unhelpful and irrelevant tags in an attempt to bolster search engine results for the website. Currently, keywords within meta tags must also appear in other places like the title and the page’s content for search engines to consider the tags valid. Past abuse has caused an organization to start preparing a standard for meta tags. Known as Dublin Core metadata, this standard will build a way for search engines to begin relying …

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