Image optimization tips that can have an incredible impact on your overall SEO

Improve images

The use of images for SEO and organic search results is commonly overlooked. Images can drive traffic to websites through a Google image search and images can also be highly effective for increasing site traffic when included as part of universal search results. Image optimization has a number of dimensions that can improve search results placement, enhance user experiences and in some instances, allow for greater convenience in sharing images via the social web. When it comes to image optimization, it is often a good idea to think of this process as optimizing a small …

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How link earning and link building differ

Link earning - Matt Cutts quote

You have to take action in order to build links, while links that are earned occur without any concerted effort to acquire them. Content is the perfect example. You create new content which requires an investment of your valuable time, manpower and resources. The high-quality content that you have labored over is ready to be revealed to the world. So what is the next thing that you should do? Well, with all content, there are a number of natural promotion efforts that should always follow your posts: 1. Use social media to promote your new …

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À quel point peut-on optimiser?

Google red card penalty

Il est reconnu que les moteurs de recherche ont certains critères lorsqu’ils parcourent le web à la recherche d’informations. Ces critères sont devenus, au fil des ans, de moins en moins secrets, mais aussi de plus en plus abusés par des gens qui veulent, peut-être un peu trop, se faire trouver sur internet. Prenons Google par exemple, le moteur de recherche qui possède la plus grosse part du marché, mais aussi celui qui change le plus souvent sa façon de parcourir la toile pour éviter tout abus. Jusqu’à quel point peut-on optimiser un site sans …

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5 Easy Steps For Enhancing The Domain Authority Of Your Website


Domain Authority or DA is a website metric that Moz has developed. This number is among one of the most important in SEO. With a greater DA, you will have a better ranking and a good flow of traffic. Is it possible to change your domain authority or is this impossible to alter? I believe that there are a number of practical steps that can be taken to improve this number. Before we cover different ways to improve your DA, however, there are several things that you should know: Domain Authority Let me first give …

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