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6 Free Tools For Social Media Management


With several social media profiles to manage, you’ve probably discovered that it is impossible to be on each one of these all of the time. This is why some of the top software developers have created a number of helpful tools for managing social media. You can place these tools on a dashboard for your social media profiles so that you can monitor, collaborate and schedule with ease and from a single location. I’m guessing that you have put a few of these handy tools to use already. HootSuite, Buffer, and Bitly are several ... Lire la suite »

How link earning and link building differ

Link earning - Matt Cutts quote

You have to take action in order to build links, while links that are earned occur without any concerted effort to acquire them. Content is the perfect example. You create new content which requires an investment of your valuable time, manpower and resources. The high-quality content that you have labored over is ready to be revealed to the world. So what is the next thing that you should do? Well, with all content, there are a number of natural promotion efforts that should always follow your posts: 1. Use social media to promote your new ... Lire la suite »

Social Media Content – Creating a basic framework for

3D planning content

Use semi-annual meetings to establish a framework for keeping your social media marketing endeavors flowing smooth and steady. For quite some time now, many community managers and bloggers have recognized that advance planning for content with a calendar can guide what would otherwise be an ad-hoc flailing around. For many, this can be as easy as planning a few blog posts early on, while for other people, this can entail as much as a full year of advance planning. This calendar, however, will only serve as a basic guide and it will provide ample room ... Lire la suite »