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Image optimization tips that can have an incredible impact on your overall SEO

Improve images

The use of images for SEO and organic search results is commonly overlooked. Images can drive traffic to websites through a Google image search and images can also be highly effective for increasing site traffic when included as part of universal search results. Image optimization has a number of dimensions that can improve search results placement, enhance user experiences and in some instances, allow for greater convenience in sharing images via the social web. When it comes to image optimization, it is often a good idea to think of this process as optimizing a small ... Lire la suite »

Content Marketing & Social Media trends in 2015

2015 trends in marketing and social media

In spite of what people may tell you about SEO in 2015, search engine optimization isn’t on its way out. It is instead, radically changing. There is the constant push from search engines to supply web users with greater value and this has led to increased pressure for website owners and bloggers to create content of the highest quality and to move away from targeted keywords and other outdated SEO methods. SEO trends in 2015 are focused on using natural methods for finding, connecting with and interacting with targeted consumers. To survive in virtual space ... Lire la suite »

Les façons dont le Black Hat des médias sociaux peut influencer les recherches Google

Smoker Silhouette of a mobster

À la suite de mon article sur LinkedIn sur le black hat des médias sociaux, j’ai décidé de pousser la réflection un peu plus et toujours dans le but d’ouvrir une discussion sans nécessairement être un guide complet ou une étude détaillée, particulièrement dans ce domaine où tant de questions restent en suspens. Nous arrivons maintenant au cœur du problème. Le Black Hat des médias sociaux peut-il influencer le référencement (SEO)? D’abord, nous jetterons un coup d’œil à plusieurs exemples hypothétiques, et ensuite, nous laisserons la communauté en tirer ses propres conclusions. Acheter des faux abonnés, ... Lire la suite »